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Bukele says before UN: ‘We are no longer the death capital of the world’



President of the Republic Nayib Bukele speaks at the United Nations General Assembly.  /United Nations Video Image.

President of the Republic Nayib Bukele speaks at the United Nations General Assembly. /United Nations Video Image.

President of the Republic Nayib Bukele declared this Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly, after El Salvador had adopted its own “medicine” and its people cast a vote of confidence in its executive and legislative powers. It is no longer the capital of death. ”

“What I have come to tell you today is that the debate is over. We are no longer the death capital of the world,” he said before the Heads of State debate at the 28th United Nations General Assembly in New York. ” he said. The central theme was achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mr. Bukele announced that on May 1, 2021, the Legislative Assembly, in which his party holds a majority, will dismiss the four judges of the Constitutional Council, whose term ends in 2027, and directly appoint aides to replace them at the same plenary session. He mentioned an incident that happened. Anything related to your government. “They criticized and criticized us for every single decision we made at the time,” the official recalled.

“They started a debate about what we were doing. Today I came to say, that debate is over, we are no longer the death capital of the world, today we are “The security benchmark, the results are there, they are irrefutable: in El Salvador, we did the right thing for El Salvador,” the president continued.

The president explained that El Salvador adopted its own “medicine” and that “the people” elected El Salvador and gave El Salvador two votes of confidence by granting it the right to govern with a legislative majority starting in May 2021. He said it was that moment. When the “international condemnation” began, he was “suddenly” asked to explain the transfers of prosecutors, the Constitutional Council, and judges.

“All of a sudden they want us to explain why we changed prosecutors, judges, judges. Don’t you think it’s stupid for them to question us about that? Who is responsible for maintaining the internal security policy of any country? World?, it is the responsibility of the government, the executive branch, yes through the national security forces and the prison system, but also the public ministry, the public prosecutor’s office, the judiciary. Bukele, in cooperation with the government, said that today, according to the president, everyone is “clearly working together towards the same side”, referring to the security plan that will allow the country to cease to be a “dead capital”. By working hard, the plan worked.”

In September 2021, after the newly appointed Congress upheld the president’s immediate re-election, the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador issued a condemnation, saying, “This ruling is a direct result of the decision of the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly on the first day of May. ” he said. Dismissing judges of the Constitutional Court and installing replacements in violation of the Constitution. ” One of the criticisms this change received from the Constitutional Council is that the new appointments were not made based on the list proposed by the National Council of Judiciary (CNJ).

We did not accept the fate that others showed us. Today, four years after the inauguration of our government, for the first time in our 200-year history, the smallest country on this continent has taken the first step towards realizing its great dreams. No one dares to deny it. “We went from being the most dangerous country in the world to being the safest country in Latin America.”

They made us sign a fake peace agreement. ”

Everything that has happened during this time has been done with the support, consent and imposition of those who have always presented themselves as the great defenders of human rights and democratic institutions. ”

Bukele has applied an emergency regime to El Salvador since March 27, 2022, when he concluded the massacre of 87 people over three days was a crime committed by an attempted “extortion” by a gang.

The National Civil Police (PNC) and the Salvadoran Armed Forces (FAES) have arrested more than 72,000 people accused of defence, administrative detention of up to 72 hours, and suspension of the right to privacy of telecommunications. According to official figures, gang members were arrested and perhaps 7,000 were released due to lack of evidence. Nongovernmental organizations such as Cristosar and Socorro Juridico Humanitario have registered approximately 3,500 complaints of arbitrary capture and ill-treatment, as well as 185 deaths of detainees in state custody.

We taste our own medicine. We create our own methods. The people have given us two votes of confidence. The first time was when they elected me president, and the second time was when they decided to give us governance through the Legislative Assembly. ”

“If we had left the same previous prosecutors, previous court judges, and justices alone, and even ruled when we removed them, we would still be the murder capital of the world. Let’s go.”

First Lady Gabriela de Bukele and her daughter Laila during the President's speech.  /United Nations Video Image.

First Lady Gabriela de Bukele and her daughter Laila during the President’s speech. /United Nations Video Image.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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