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TSE does not set the number of voting stations



The TSE originally planned to set up 1,595 voting stations.  /DEM.

The TSE originally planned to set up 1,595 voting stations. /DEM.

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) has not yet determined the exact number of voting centers that will be available for the two election days of February 4 and March 3, 2024.

TSE President Dora Martínez de Barahona said that “no information[on the number of voting centers]has been planned or uploaded” due to the reconstruction of education centers and that they are still “identifying” them. did. This is a voting center. ”

The TSE president assessed the case of school centers that are “under construction and will not be opened to the public by deadline” and claimed to be “in discussions with the Ministry of Education to verify voting centers.”

“We’re going to choose other real estate, but whether it’s with the Department of Education or other real estate that we can rent, the public will have a voting center.” “That’s the case,” he explained.

>>>>>>>> We plan to select other properties for voting centers that are under construction and will not be ready in time. “We still haven’t classified how much there is that we don’t plan on using.”
dora martinez de barahona
President of TSE

He explained that the TSE Map Department visits various departments, municipalities and districts every day to ensure they have the latest information.

TSE is planning 1,595 centers.

The official recalled that TSE plans to license 8,821 JRVs, which equates to having 1,595 voting centers. “We have not yet been able to classify how many items are not going to be used, as the General Directorate of Organization is constantly verifying them through mapping,” he claimed. On October 6th, the deadline to determine the number of polling stations that will participate in the election according to the electoral calendar ends.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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