Barça Women will face Olympique Lyonnais at the Grand Final of the Women’s Champions League in Turin this Saturday. (Juventus Stadium), with the reissue of the 2019 final, Gala has arrived as the current champion and has an advantage over Braugrana, who is more prepared and eager for revenge.

Brau Granas won the title in 2021 against Chelsea (0-4) in Gothenburg (Sweden). And they protect him from Olympique Lyonnais, who has just won the Champions League five times in a row by that time.Includes that of 2019 4-1 against Catalan. Therefore, the Catalan desire for revenge.

Now the scenario is more uniform than it was three years ago, Lyon passed Barça, who was trying to get his head into the European elite. In 2020, Curry fell into the semi-finals, but all that learning gave rise to a block that conquered the sky a year ago, and in addition to its revenge, tried to confirm the beginning of a new era.

They have Ballon d’Or and Best Alexia Pterra, and also the “MVP” of the final final of the Champions League Aitana Bonmatí.. They are powerful, high-quality, versatile blocks that have already faced the renewed Olympics and refuse to abandon the continental hegemony rod.

Among them, “Maybe Become the most anticipated match in the history of women’s club football“In the words of the UEFA website, the truth is that a duel is open and a great final on the pitch and stands is expected, and there is an atmosphere befitting this” champion “and these two teams. The best moment.

The 2021 final was not able to welcome the spectators at the stands.. On this occasion, it is estimated that there will be approximately 15,000 Blau Grana fans on the stands in Turin territory.Absolute success in line with filling Camp Nou twice this season Achieve two attendance records in a women’s club soccer match.

Some records are the result of his team’s faith in the Parish of Braugrana. A group that has won the Primera Iberdrola by counting the games. Only one team lost in the official game this seasonAnd it was the second leg of this Champions League semi-final against Wolfsburg.

The German, a Catalan executioner in the 2020 semi-finals, won 2-0 in his second duel, but the first 5-1 leg at Kampnow left an anecdote. In the stumbling block to learn, pay attention in the face of this very final, the highest level and the highest possible.

Olympique Lyonnais is clearly the worst rivalThe team that recently won everything in the Champions League “But” last year.

The truth is this Barcelona will play their third final in the last four Champions League finals.. And of the two plays, the latest one can provide the best memory possible. The ability of an unattended party in Gothenburg to continue to fan in Turin and rebound in Barcelona depends on many factors, including managing the cycle and desire for revenge to see the changing times.