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Curry: Many experts have explained that we will not win any more rings



Green: Now I’m going to explain to you all summer about our title

Stephen Curry averaged 31.2 points in the NBA Finals. In the fifth game, for the first time in his career in the playoffs, he didn’t score a single three-pointer, then sealed the Celtics ’fate with 34 points and six three-pointers in Boston and became the final MVP for the first time.

The NBA’s best defense had no answer for the sniper, who scored six three-pointers in the sixth game. Already in the middle of the third quarter, he scored from ten meters for the top lead of the Warriors in the sixth game (50:72) and immediately pointed to the finger on his right hand, where the ring will light up in October.

The legendary flooring at TD Garden is unique, with 17 champion flags hanging from the ceiling, with only two teams looking forward to the Boston title. The LA Lakers managed this in June 1985 in old Boston Garden. It was the biggest win for Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy and coach Pat Riley. The Lakers brought the Celtics to their knees for the first time in the final after losing the first game of the final in this famous hall with 148: 114. Wealthy owner Jerry Buss was euphoric with a cigar in his mouth: “They will never tell me again that the Lakers can’t beat the Celtics in the final. “

On Thursday, Golden State became the second team to look forward to the Boston title. The Celtics remain at 17 titles and in Los Angeles they are fairly relieved. The rivalry is still high, with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and new coach Darwin Ham planning to return among the best next season.

Curry in an elite gang of legendsCurry, 34, was the center of attention. Former President Barack Obama also called on him and congratulated him on his great success. He surpassed 30 points in all three games at TD Garden. Le Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Wilt Chamberlain have combined three prestigious titles in addition to him – Regular MVP, Final MVP and NBA League Top Scorer.

Already before the opening game of the season he announced a fight for the titleThe road to the finish line was a thorny one as Boston has a great team. We had to squeeze out all the atoms of power. This title is very special, as we have had a lot of changes in the acting staff in the last three years. When I said at the start of the season before the opening game against the Lakers in Los Angeles that we could win the title, a lot of people thought I was getting a little confused. Green, Iguodala, Thompson and I won all four titles. This feeling of pouring sparkling wine in the wardrobe is always something special“Curry was in a great mood, coming to the press conference in diving goggles, as the pouring in the locker room was very intense.

Experts’ predictions only inflamed themIn the last seconds I was lying on the legendary Gardna floor, I had in mind the last three years and especially the last two months, which were very hard in the playoffs. A lot of things were happening on and off the court. I remember most when various experts in special shows about the NBA League explained that we will not win any more rings. That only set us on fire. We were all very stubborn. Between 2015 and 2019, we only progressed, and then we listened for two years that we were too old. Many difficult decisions had to be made. Against Denver, Memphis and Dallas, it wasn’t easy in the playoffs either. We won this title with a heavy backpack, as a lot has accumulated inside in the previous three years“added the MVP of the final.

He had never had such long and arduous preparationsThe road to the title was long: “No one can imagine how much had to be invested to get us back to the top. We had a number of injuries the year before last and finished last in the regular season. Last year, we lost in the additional qualifiers for the playoffs with Memphis at home. The disappointment was great, but now it all paid off. I have never had such long and arduous preparations for the season. “

Kerr joked that he was missing only Olympic goldHis career was really remarkable even before this year’s final. If the MVP of the final is really the only thing he still lacks, that says it all. He still lacks an Olympic gold medal and now has to focus on the 2024 Olympics“coach Steve Kerr smiled.

Green: Now I’m going to explain to you all summer about our titleThe number one enemy in Boston was Draymond Green. A defense specialist is always hairless on the tongue. Loud Celtics fans rejoiced at each of his missed throws. He gave up completely in the third and fourth matches, scoring only four points in two meetings. In the sixth game, he showed the best performance of the final, even approaching the triple-double with 12 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists.

The bitten Draymond Green shone in the sixth game of the final.  Photo: AP

We will try to fight for the title until our bikes fall off. You’ve seen Curry play a career season at 34 years old. He earned the title of MVP. He carried us in this final series. In the final, defense was key. Boston scored just 90 points in the final game, remaining below 100 points in four games. Now I will explain to you all summer about our address. Just get ready for a new episode of my podcast“Green entertained all journalists in his style, who is at least as talented in front of the cameras as on the floor.

I played my best game in the playoffs in my sixth game in Boston when we won the title. We became just the second team to lift Larry O’Brien’s laurels on the famous Boston floor“32-year-old Green was also unstoppable in front of the microphone. At the end of his career, he will be working for TNT. Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley will get great company in the cult show.

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