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Paddle tennis and tennis courts will abolish football courts, as most demanded in Latin America



Paddle tennis and tennis are becoming established in Latin America at the expense of football, according to startup easycancha.

Padel and tennis have both become the most practiced sports in Latin America and have replaced football, which is popular in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Chile.

This trend continues to grow and they are conquering more and more racket sports fans.

According to the data provided by Easy coatPadel’s booking requests from January to May 2022 exceeded 290,000, while tennis exceeded 450,000 across Latin America. On the other hand, in the case of soccer fields, reserves do not exceed 19,000.

It should be noted that during the last five months of this year, startups have accumulated over 600,000 active users in Latin America.

Eduardo Donoso, growth director of easycancha, explains that this trend will continue to grow as it is easier to find a partner to practice sports. And you don’t have to form a team. “There are so many supplies that in many cases there are no enemies. And from our application, they can find both services, rent a field, or find an exact match, depending on location and schedule availability. ” explained.

What happens in Chile?

At the national level, panoramas are not much different from panoramas in neighboring countries... It is surprising that tennis court reserves dominate with cumulative reserves of over 370,000, followed by paddle tennis with over 200,000. .. In the case of soccer, only 15,000 reservations are reached.

The metropolitan area concentrates the most reserves for these sports, the second is Bío Bío and the third is La Araucanía.

Source: Biobiochile

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