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Zupin wins Balkan Championship



In Paris Winfred Mutile Yavi set a great time

Agata Zupin won a gold medal in the 400m hurdles (57.05 seconds) on the first day of the Balkan Athletics Championships in Craiova.

“I’m happy with the ranking, but for a better result I will have to make some technical improvements. I’m losing speed when moving to the eighth hurdle, with a bigger one I would have better passes to the ninth and tenth hurdles,”“Zupin summed up the performance.

Yavi set a great time
At the Diamond League in Paris, Maruša Mišmaš Zrimšek, who would be the only Slovenian representative, did not compete in the 3000 m hurdles due to a cold, and with the result of the season in the world, she won Winfred Mutile Yavi (8: 56.55). The athlete, who competes for Bahrain, is now also the fourth best in time in history. Ukrainian Jaroslava Mahučik achieved the result of the season in the high jump with 2.01 meters, and in the 100 meters at the end of the rally she was equalized by Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser Price, who also set a rally record with 10.67 seconds. In the discus throw, the American Valarie Allman set a rally record (68.68 m), in the 800 m the Australian Peter Bol won the ocean record (1: 44.00). Devon Allen won the 110m hurdles with 13.16. In the 200 m, South African Luxolo Adams was the only one to run with a personal record in less than 20 seconds (19.82), and in the 400 m he was half a second ahead of all the other Bahamas’ Steven Gardiner (44.21).

Before Anita Horvat, only Romanian Claudia was 800 m away Mihaela Bobocea (2: 01.84). It was good today, even the change between 400 and 600, where I ran out the most in previous matches, I did well. But I had a tactical mistake when the Turk closed me and I could only overtake her on the plane. Then I could not time more make up. But I’m happy, I had a second run in 2:02 in four days,“said Horvat.

Jerneja Smonkar (2: 03.55) took fourth place in the 800 m. Rok Ferlan was fifth in the 400 m (46.41) and Lovro Mesec Košir was 10th (47.04). Eva Cinderella she was sixth in the triple jump (13.53 m) and Hana Urankar seventh in the discus throw (50.94 m). Nino Celec was eighth in the long jump (7.51 m), Dino Šubašič at 13. (7.34 m). Matevž Šuštaršič was eighth in the 100 m final (10.72).

Sandro Jeršin Tomasini took ninth and penultimate place in the high jump (2.00 m), while Tilen Ovniček was 15th. place dropped out of qualifications at 100 m (10.99). The championship will end on Sunday.

Source: Rtvslo

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