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EP: Vedene finished the all-around in sixth place



On Sunday, she will compete in all four finals with individual props

Ekaterina Vedenejeva, who is one of the favorites for medals in the finals in tools at the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Tel Aviv, took sixth place (127,950 points) in the all-around finals.

This is the best Slovenian achievement at the EPs so far. The Israeli won Daria Atamanov (136,900).

Atamanov celebrated the victory in front of Bulgarian rivals; Borjana won the silver Kalejn (135,500), bronze pa Stiliana Nikolova (131,650).

Vedenejeva she was already sixth in the all-around qualifiers. Last year, the Russian, who has reached the milestones of this sport for Slovenia in recent years, finished the Old Continent Championship on the 12th. placein 2020 on the 13th, and this year in the absence of Russian and Belarusian competitors she managed to win the best result.

“Today was an extremely difficult match for me. The air conditioning was turned off in the hall and the humidity and heat were unbearable. “ she said Vedenejeva.

Experienced rhythm player, who will turn 28 this month, won five finals thanks to her successful qualifications. On Sunday, he will also present himself in all four finals with individual props – with a ring, a ball, a stick and a ribbon.

“I have another busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I will do my best,” she promised.

Given that this is the season Vedenejeva she won a medal at all world cups, she even celebrated a joint victory with a ribbon, and the leadership of the national team has justifiably high expectations.

Source: Rtvslo

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