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Verstappen increased his advantage in the World Cup with his sixth victory



Perez, who resigned, is already 46 points behind

In Montreal, Formula One racers competed in the ninth test of the season. For the sixth time, world championship leader Max Verstappen (Red Bull) won. Carlos Sainz was second with less than a second behind, and Lewis Hamilton was third.

Sainz (Ferrari) eventually approached the Dutchman for a safety car, but couldn’t overtake him, so he continues to wait for his first win. Seven-time world champion Hamilton (Mercedes) was seven seconds behind the winner and only ranked among the top three for the second time this year. Just below the podium was the fourth Mercedes driver in fourth place George Russell.

“The periods of the safety car didn’t help us. It was very exciting in the end. I pushed the gas to the end, Carlos of course the same. I saw him chasing me. There’s been a lot of fun in the last few laps,” said the 24-year-old Verstappen, who has already achieved his 26th career victory (first on the Gilles Villeneuve racetrack) and now has a 46-point advantage over his closest rival.

Leclerc from the last starting position to fifth place

Second in the World Cup standings Sergio Perez (Red Bull) resigned after eight laps at the start of the race due to an engine failure. Started is otherwise from 13th place, as he had an accident in the qualifications on slippery asphalt.

Third in the World Cup scoring Charles Leclerc due to the replacement of many engine parts, he started the race from last place and finished it in fifth place.

A 40-year veteran Fernando Alonsowho finished second in the qualifiers, finished seventh. Mick Schumacherwho finished sixth in his career on Saturday with a sixth-place finish, also drove well in the opening part of the race, but after being in eighth place, he crashed into a guardrail and his dream of first points was shattered.

The caravan is now moving to Silverstone, at the UK Grand Prix they will be driving in two weeks.

Končni vrstni red (po 70 krogih):     
 1. M. VERSTAPPEN Red Bull            
 2. C. SAINZ      Ferrari       +0,993
 3. L. HAMILTON   Mercedes       7,006
 4. G. RUSSELL    Mercedes      12,313
 5. C. LECLERC    Ferrari       15,168
 6. E. OCON       Alpine        23,890
 7. F. ALONSO     Alpine        24,945
 8. V. BOTTAS     Alfa Romeo    25,247
 9. G. DŽOV       Alfa Romeo    26,952
10. L. STROLL     Aston Martin  38,222
Vrstni red v SP-ju (9/22):            
 1. M. VERSTAPPEN Red Bull         175
 2. S. PEREZ      Red Bull         129
 3. C. LECLERC    Ferrari          126
 4. G. RUSSELL    Mercedes         111
 5. C. SAINZ      Ferrari          102
 6. L. HAMILTON   Mercedes          77
 7. L. NORRIS     McLaren           50
 8. V. BOTTAS     Alfa Romeo        44
 9. E. OCON       Alpine            39
10. F. ALONSO     Alpine            28
 1. RED BULL                       304
 2. FERRARI                        228
 3. MERCEDES                       188
 4. MCLAREN                         65
 5. ALPINE                          61

Source: Rtvslo

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