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FINA has agreed to exclude transsexual women from intense competition



Through an official statement, FINA has announced that it has approved changes to the rules for transsexual women’s participation in elite competitions for women.

The FINA I am reporting. This Sunday, we approved the new gender inclusion policy-through voting- Prevent transgender swimmers from competing in elite women’s races If they go through any part of the male adolescent process.

Approved by 71% of the votes cast by 152 members of the Extraordinary General Assembly during the World Championships in Budapest (Hungary), a new policy requiring transgender athletes to complete the transition by the age of 12. The number of years before you can compete with other women.

In addition, FINA does not intend to sit vaguely, Trying to establish an “open category” At competitions for swimmers whose gender identity is different from their birth gender.

“Countermeasures include suggestions. FINA will create a new working group to spend the next six months researching the most effective ways to establish this new category.” Indicated a sports organization in an official statement.

Regarding the rule change, FINA President Husan Al-Musallam said: “We need to protect the rights of athletes when competing, but we also need to protect the fairness of competition in events, especially in the women’s category.” ..

“FINA always welcomes all athletes. Creating an open category means that everyone has the opportunity to compete at the elite level. Everyone can develop ideas during this process. I want you to feel that you are participating. ” Closed the boss.

Source: Biobiochile

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