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Kristel Kobrich of the national competition continues to show his strength even after participating in the 10 FINA World Championships.



National swimmers competed in the 1500m final this Monday at the FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

National swimmer Christel Coblitch, This monday FINA World Championships in Budapest To First female swimmer I will participate in Appointment of 10 consecutive planets. In addition, he was able to celebrate his record after achieving a credible o8th in the 1,500m test.

It didn’t matter what Cobritch was about to achieve 37 years August next year, and conclude the finals The last position or the position within 50 seconds from the winner, American Katie Ledecky, Since the simple existence of the medal battle For veteran Chilean competitors, it was a considerable victory.

There was something wonderful at this tournament Diversity of age, Since then 36 years It was countered by a national swimmer. 16 years Of American competitors Katie Grimes. But that was what the swimmers wanted to show 19 years since debut On world dates(Barcelona 2003) Can continue to be one of the best in this area.

That was the way he was remarkable 8th in the final ranking After completing the distance in time 16: 20.24 minutes, Almost 7 seconds longer than the clock he signed in on Sunday in qualifying-16: 13.52 Cobrich In particular, Chinese height rivals were excluded from the finals Li Bingjie

Source: Biobiochile

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