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Maribor decided the match in the first half; Janjičić saved Celje again



Olimpija is at the top of the championship table with 30 points

Maribor players continue their winning streak. On the road in Gorica, the purple beat the roses with 1:4. Celje defeated Radomlje 2:1.

The players of Maribor visited for the third time in a row and won for the third time in a row, and at the same time they remained undefeated for the 17th consecutive game against Novogoričen. Again, they didn’t get new points with a particularly brilliant game, but just like against Radomlje in the previous round (5:0), they were very effective. They solved the question of the winner already in the first part, when after an unconvincing start, they took advantage of all three major opportunities.

After a better start by Gorica, Maribor dominated the field in the second part of the first half.

Ivan Tolić passed the ball into the empty space, he ran into it from the right side Jan Repashis shot was not the best, Uroš Likar bounced it into the air, but the ball continued to travel towards the goal, and Denis Cerovec was unable to clear it from the goal line into the field.

In the 37th minute, another mistake by the Goriška defense followed, Maribor’s quick counterattack ended with a routine shot from 12 m Baturin’s hand (0:2). At the end of the first half, Jošt Urbančič knocked Andraž Žinič to the ground and the referee pointed to the white spot, he reliably took the 11-meter penalty Rok Kronveter (0:3).

In the second part, the people of Maribor controlled the course of the match without any particular problems. In the 59th minute, Pridgar saved Alen Kranjec’s shot, and the latter also won his team an 11-meter penalty, which he used in the 69th minute Etienne the Great.

Žan Vipotnik put the finishing touches to Maribor’s victory in the 88th minute with a shot from inside the penalty area (1:4).

A hard-earned victory for CeljanovCelje footballers returned to second place in the championship table with a hard-won victory. This time they did not impress their fans with the game, against Radomlje they showed one of the worst performances this season, they won with quite a bit of luck. The absence of some players certainly contributed to the fact that their performance was not the best. Especially Charles Chukwubuikem Ikwuemesi, without whom they were completely harmless. The people of Radom defended their attacks with ease, they were even a touch more dangerous, but at the end they lost their composure, which the home team took advantage of.

In the 28th minute, Žan Flis made a mistake near the penalty area, Vicko Ševelj stole the ball from him on the right side, sent it into the middle, where goalkeeper Matjaž Rozman deflected it, but only until Samson’s Ourawho scored the first goal for his new team, Radomlje (0:1).

In the referee’s extra time of the first half, Flis decided to shoot from a distance, but it was in front of the goal Anel Zulić awkwardly intervened and sent the ball behind his goalkeeper (1:1).

In the 86th minute, Celjani scored the winning goal, but again not from a well-designed campaign. The opponent is on the edge of the penalty area Vasilije Janjičić gave the ball away, and he hit the opposite upper corner of goalkeeper Luka Baš’s goal with a strong shot and became the savior of the Celje team again.


GORICA – MARIBOR 1:4 (0:3)500; Velikonje 69./11-m; Repas 27., Baturina 37., Kronaveter 42./11-m, Vipotnik 88.

Gorica: Likar, Cerovec, Mevlja (46./Marinič), Agić, Širok, Urbančič, Amkrah (46./Krajnc), Hrka, Petrović (84./Jukić), Iličić (from 55. Bešir), Velikonja (76./Vekić ).

Maribor: Pridgar, Mitrović, Šoštarič Karič, Uskoković, Žinič (46./Božičković), Sikošek (81./Guerrico), Repas, Antolin (66./Božić), Tolić (89./Čuk), Kronaveter, Baturina (81./ Vipotnik).

CELJE – KALCER RADOMLJE 2:1 (1:1) Zulić 45. + 1/ag, Janjičić 85.; Ouro 28.

Goals: Rozman, Vuklišević, Zec, Flis (from 67. Milić), Ajhmajer, Kouter (46./Janjičić), Popović (82./Tomić), Gbamble (74./Matić), Vrbanec, Matko, Bajde (82./Mačak ).

Kalcer Radomlje: Baš, Cerar (64./Pogačar), Korun, Jazbec (90./M. Čuić), Hadžić (78./F. Čuić), Nuhanovič, Ouro (64./Nlandu), Marković, Ševelj, Tahiraj (90. /Nadarević), Zulić.

Saturday:DOMŽALE – MURA 2:2 (1:1) 800; Podlogar 29., Durdov 76.; T. Cipot 32., Daku 94. RK: Durdov 86./Domžale Daku (Mura) wasted 11 meters in the 63rd minute.

OLYMPIA – CB24 TABOR SEŽANA 2:0 (1:0) 1200; Rui Pedro 37., 67.

DILL – BRAVO 2:0 (1:0) 500; Benedičič 38., Kotnik 69.

OLIMPIJA            11 10 0 1 23:9  30
CELJE               11  6 4 1 18:12 22
KOPER               11  7 0 4 18:10 21
MARIBOR             11  5 2 4 21:17 17
MURA                11  3 5 3 17:18 14
DOMŽALE             11  3 4 4 16:17 13
BRAVO               11  3 1 7  8:11 10
KALCER RADOMLJE     11  2 4 5 10:20 10
GORICA              11  2 2 7  9:16  8
CB24 TABOR SEŽANA   11  1 4 6  8:19  7

Source: Rtvslo

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