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Ilija Bogdanović brought victory to Ribnica; Celje overtook Koper



Three matches ended in a draw

Handball players from Rik Ribnica defeated Dobova 30:29 in the 4th round of the national championship. The decisive goal was scored by Ilija Bogdanović in the dying minutes of the match. Celje beat Koper at home.

In the land of dry goods, it was a fairly even fight for most of the match. The hosts had a slight lead, but the visitors from Posavije did not allow them to relax too much. What’s more, in the end of the match itself, the visitors from Posavije had the “final ball” to win, but they did not use it.

After Vanja Smiljanić’s goal in the 57th minute, the visitors took the lead with 29:28, and in the dying breaths of the match, home coach Borut Maček’s team – after Aljaž Levstek’s equalizing goal and Bogdanović’s winner – only won the planned points.

The people of Celje overcame KoperCelje Pivovarna Laško handball players won their fourth victory. They confirmed the 100% win in the beginning of the season against the Kopra team, which after four rounds remains with one point from the first match against Sviš Ivančna Gorica. The people of Celje had to work hard for the planned points, as Primorje played a brave and solid match and were a completely equal competitor for two thirds of the match. Koper took a 4:2 lead at the start, had a two-goal advantage even after halfway through the first half (10:8), and later led by as much as 14:11. The hosts took a decisive step towards victory in the first half of the second half. With a partial score of 5:0, they gained a 23:19 (43rd) advantage, which they did not let go of until the end of the game. Celje was the first scorer Gal Marguč with eight goals, but on the other side there are Tina Poklar scored eleven.

4th round:SLOVENIA GRADEC 2011 – GORENJE VELENJE 28:28 (12:13) 800; Eskeričić 7, Štumpfl 6; Tajnik and Sokolič after 5.

KRKA – JERUSALEM ORMOZ 31:22 (15:9) Knavs 12, Avsec 5; Ćirović 10.

KRŠKO – URBANSCAPE LOKA 20:20 (11:11) Novak 5, Sobotič 4; Zingesar 7.

SVIŠ I. GORICA – THREE 18:33 (10:19) Justin 6; Glavaš, Ćorsović, Ivanović 4.

RIKO POND – DOBOVA 30:29 (16:16) Žagar 6; Nešić 8, Rantah 6.

MARIBOR – GROSIST SLOVAN 30:30 (15:17) Planinšek 9, Budja 5; Ranisavljević 8.

CELJE BREWERY LAŠKO – KOPER 34:30 (15:16) Marguč 8, Mazej 6; Poklar 11.

TRIMO TREBNJE            4  4 0 0  8
RIKO RIBNICA             4  3 0 1  6
GORENJE VELENJE          4  2 1 1  5
URBANSCAPE LOKA          4  2 1 1  5
KRKA                     3  2 0 1  4
JERUZALEM ORMOŽ          4  2 0 2  4
SLOVENJ GRADEC           3  1 1 1  3
MARIBOR BRANIK           4  1 1 2  3
DOBOVA                   4  1 0 3  2
LL GROSIST SLOVAN        4  0 2 2  2
SVIŠ IVANČNA GORICA      4  0 2 2  2
KOPER                    4  0 1 3  1
KRŠKO                    4  0 1 3  1

Source: Rtvslo

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