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Arantza Inostroza wins her second gold medal for Chile at the Odessur: she won fencing and the national competition



At the 2022 South American Games in Asuncion, Chile’s Arantza Inastrosa won her second gold medal after defeating compatriot Catina Proestakis in the women’s foil fencing final.

Achieved by National Athlete Alanza Inostroza Second gold medal for Chile in the 2022 Asuncion South American GamesParaguay, especially in the fencing women’s foil.

Innostroza won the final against Chile and stood at the top of the podium. Catina Proestakis silver medal winner, score 15-10 .

gold medalist is Brazilian Ana Di Renzo By 15-13.

Meanwhile, Proestakis agreed to win the gold medal after defeating Venezuela’s Isis Jimenez For 15-12.

National fencing added a total of three medals at the start of the competition. Manuel Bamond He placed third and won a bronze plaque with his saber.

Chile’s first gold medal Emmanuel Silva who came first in the skating meta vs meta.

Team Chile has already added 12 medals in Asuncion ranked fifth with 2 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze.

Source: Biobiochile

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