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‘But why not cross it?’: Spanish athlete arrives at the most ridiculous goal



At the Alcudia Half Marathon, athlete Luis Agustín Escriche embarrassed everyone in attendance by stopping 30 seconds before the finish line.

spain player Louis Agustín Escriche His last performance went viral Alcudia Half Marathon not exactly for comebacks or great performances.

And when the runners crossed the finish line and the organization had already announced victory, the athletes looked at their watches and stopped just before the line marking the end of the competition.

“Cross the finish line, cross it. I don’t know exactly why it’s not crossing the finish line, but there it is.” heard over the loudspeaker, but Escrique asked him to calm down and walked from one side to the other.

About 30 seconds passed after the players arrived on the scene and finally decided to break the victory ribbon, confirming victory with little competition.

But why did it take the Spaniard so long to score the win? 20 minutesall because Luis Agustín Escriche wanted $150 (about 140,000 pesos) in his pocket.

The athlete broke the time record without issue and earned the mark bonus, but did so well that the 2023 edition was extremely difficult to achieve.

For the above He chose to let the seconds pass so he could break the record again the following year and collect $140 again. .

Unsportsmanlike or not, it’s not the first time athletes choose to slow down for economic reasons. A final example is that of Sweden’s Armand His Duplantis, in which he breaks the pole vault record by a centimeter and receives a prize for each time he breaks the record.

This is how Luis Agustín Escriche ended his career.

Source: Biobiochile

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