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Haaland scored more goals in the championship than 13 other teams!


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Erling Haaland has scored another 14 goals in the first eight games of the English Championship, heralding an extremely prolific season in which he can break many records.

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2012. Erling Haaland had a great start to the English Championship season. Has the top scorer ever scored more goals than any team?Matej Andrejek

This is not such a rare case, since such a development happened in eight seasons.

Season Sagittarius Hits Clubs Hits
2003 Ruud van Nistelrooy 25 Sunderland 21
2006 Thierry Henry 27 Sunderland 26
2008 Cristiano Ronaldo 31 Derby County 20
2014 Luis Suarez 31 Norwich City 28
2017 Harry Kane 29 Middlesbrough 27
2018 Mo Salah 32 Swansea, Huddersfield 28
2021 Harry Kane 23 Sheffield Utd 20
2022 Salah, Son 24 Norwich City 23

The 2007/2008 season was the only one when the top scorer was better than more than one team (in attack). Mo Salah has scored 32 goals, more than the combined attacks of Swansea, Huddersfield (both 28) and WBA (31).

This year, Haaland could easily beat this record, as he has scored more goals than 13 teams in the same competition!

2013. What was the biggest goal difference (between top scorer and worst attacking team)?Matej Andrejek

As the table above shows, that’s 11 hits. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 31 league goals in the 2007/2008 season, while all Derby County members combined for just 20.

Source: Rtvslo



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