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Brazilian coach sentenced to 109 years in prison for sexual harassment


He faces further charges

The former head coach of the Brazilian gymnastics team was sentenced to more than a century in prison for four counts of rape, including minors, according to local media.

Fernando de Carvalho Lopes is in court nearby They are Paul was sentenced to 109 years and eight months in prison, the website reports Fine Esports.

Court in the city They are Bernardo to Campo sentenced Carvalho Lopes to prison, they wrote at Fine Esportewhere they had access to procedures protected by judicial secrecy. It goes for an example of which is a weekly television show Fantastic unveiled in Brazil in April 2018.

According to reports Fine Esportswhich did not specify the ages of the other gymnasts, judge Fernanda Politi ruled that Carvalho Lopesa was guilty of raping and assaulting four female athletes, including a minor who was 13 at the time.

In April 2019, they banned lifetime performance in gymnastics

Carvalho Lopes, who insists he is innocent, can still appeal the decision. He won’t have to go to jail to end of the appeal process. The former coach of the gymnastics national team was in charge for 20 years for young gymnasts, and then in 2016, a month before the Olympic Games in her native Rio de Janeiro, following a complaint from the parents of one of the young athletes threw from the headquarters of the national team. Show Fantastic reported in April 2018 after a four-month investigation that dozens of gymnasts claimed abuse by their former coach between 1999 and 2016, but only four are named in the lawsuit as victims. In April 2019, the Brazilian coach was banned for life from any activity related to gymnastics.

He faces further chargesMeanwhile, Carvalho Lopes avoids further accusations: four years ago, around 40 gymnasts for television channel Fine claimed that they were victims of mental, physical or sexual abuse by the coach. Some of them participated in court proceedings as witnesses to the events. The Brazilian Gymnastics Federation announced that it reaffirms its commitment to zero tolerance of harassment and abuse in sport and that it believes in a judiciary that will appropriately punish criminal acts. The Brazilian example in sports gymnastics has many parallels with the example Larry Nassara former doctor for the US gymnastics team, who was sentenced in early 2018 to several lengthy prison terms for assaulting at least 265 victims, mostly minors.

In recent times, athletes in Great Britain, Greece, Australia and New Zealand have also reported abuse by coaches in gymnastics.

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