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The NHS will distribute more than two million euros to the clubs


In June of last year, the commercial rights regulations were adopted

The Football Association of Slovenia (NZS) will distribute more than two million euros to clubs from the First Telemach League, the Second SNL and the Women’s League, they wrote in a circular on the website.

The Executive Committee adopted decisions on the distribution of funds from the marketing of media and sponsorship rights for the 2022/23 season on September 24.

During the 2021-2025 sales cycle, NZS managed to successfully acquire media rights for the area of ​​Slovenia and abroad for the products of the First League, the 2nd SNL, the Slovenian Cup and SŽNL and additional general sponsorship of the First League (Telemach).

The rulebook on commercial rights was adopted in June last year
At its 11th meeting on June 3 last year, the NHS Executive Committee adopted the Rules on Commercial Rights in Connection with Football Events, which replaced the old NHS Rules on Media and Sponsorship Rights, the circular said. The new rulebook is harmonized with the dynamics of marketing media and sponsorship rights and has been supplemented in terms of content in the direction of more concrete definitions of media and sponsorship rights, advertising, official logos and competition titles. The new rulebook also defines the method of distribution of funds for individual products of the NHS.

Funds will be paid out by the start of the new seasonClubs from the First League will thus be distributed 2.1 million euros by the NZS in two parts. The clubs will receive half of the funds until the end of the autumn part of the championship in equal shares, and the other half based on the points won in the current competition year. These funds will be paid out by the start of the new competitive season at the latest. From the marketing of media and sponsorship rights, the funds will be divided in the ratio of 80:20 percent also among the finalists of the Pivovarne Union cup, in a total value of 120,000 euros, of which 100,000 euros in cash and 20,000 euros in products Union Breweries. This season, the winner will receive 80,000 euros in cash and ten thousand in productsand the finalist 20 thousand in cash and ten in products.

The finalists of the women’s cup will share 12,500 euros, the winners will receive ten thousand, and the finalists will receive 2,500 euros. Second division players will be from fund received a total of 120,000 euros for the 2022/23 season, in equal shares. Even in other competitions under the auspices of the NHS, the funds will be distributed in equal proportions.

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