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Ex-gymnastics coach sentenced to 109 years in prison in Brazil: he would have raped four athletes


Fernando de Carvalho Lopez, former gymnastics coach of the Brazilian national team, was sentenced to 109 years in prison for raping four athletes.

Fernando de Carvalho Lopez Former gymnastics Brazil national team coach, Sentenced to 109 years in prison To the incident that shakes the sports of the country.

National team’s current former head coach found guilty Rape of at least four athletes, including minors .

according to infoflyCarvalho Lopez was sentenced on Monday.

But it won’t be easy for the former coach to overturn the ruling. four years ago, 42 athletes claimed to have been victims of moral, physical or sexual abuse from him .

Among the most serious charges are four counts of rape and one against a 13-year-old victim who is going to jail today.

The coach was a young gymnast’s trainer for more than 20 years, but was dismissed from the position a month before the Rio 2016 Olympics after his dissatisfaction with him became apparent.

Diego Ippolito A silver medalist at Rio 2016, he was one of the greatest athletes to have worked under the eaves of Fernando de Carvalho Lopez. Although he denied being abused, he confronted the victim and demanded the offending coach be expelled.

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