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‘Peru’s Arturo Vidal’ Reveals Unexpected Proposal for La Roja Crack: ‘Couldn’t Identify’



Roye Vazquez, better known as ‘the Peruvian Arturo Vidal’, has said he received an unexpected invitation from the La Roja midfielder to take him to Chile.

Roy Vasquez well known as “Arturo Vidal of Peru” revealed the strange invitation that the same Flamengo and La Roja midfielder made to him.

The Inca footballer who currently defends the shirt of the National University of Altiplano in Puno, The Popular That he maintains contact with the “King” after his conversation.

“Thanks to an ESPN journalist who got in touch with Vidal over a video call. It was exciting, I didn’t expect it. He asked about me and made jokes,” Vasquez explained.

Inca then said he had received an invitation from Arturo Vidal to join the ranks of Rodelindo Roman, a team owned by a Flamengo player who had just turned to amateur football.

“I received a call from Rodelindo Roman, Arturo’s team in the Chilean second division, but the details were unknown and could not be identified.” commented on “Vidal of Peru”.

Royer Vásquez also recently said he was surprised by a group of Chilean fans.

“Last year, when I played for the Credit Coupe in Arequipa, in the game at Tacna, Some Chilean fans approached me and asked for pictures and autographs. It’s no big deal” showed the Incas.

It’s worth remembering that in 2021, Vasquez has already told the details of his conversation with the “King”. He congratulated me and told me to continue on this path in sports. hit him ”

Source: Biobiochile

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