Home Sports ‘Unbelievable’: Antonia Abraham devastated after losing reed gold at Odesur

‘Unbelievable’: Antonia Abraham devastated after losing reed gold at Odesur


Chilean rower Antonia Abraham lost her third gold medal at the Odessur Games Paraguay 2022 due to a dispute with Reed and later Paraguay.

Antonia Abraham, Chilean rower, expressed his devastation Because she failed to win the gold medal in the women’s singles in Paraguay at the 2022 South American Games, After a junk was caught in his boat from 1,100 meters.

Penquista comfortably led the test in the Gulf of Asuncion, Your boat got hooked on this long flexible stem plant that grows underwater .

Finally, Antonia Abraham finished the test in 3rd place and won the bronze medal. It didn’t make the athlete happy at all .

“Monday everything was golden, but today everything has a different color and flavor. Not even a place.” described the athlete on her Instagram.

“Up to the 1000m I was winning by a good margin, going in 3:45 and feeling very strong. did And the boat started getting heavier and heavier Look at the speed of the excavator counter, it went up and up Noticed Artiro who was addicted to Junko I tried to get it out and stopped twice to try and get back what I had lost, but it didn’t work. When I did the last 1000m of the regatta on junk, the boat became very slow and I managed to finish third,” he added.

“In the end, together with my team, I decided to leave everything behind and get on the podium and receive the bronze medal. Unfortunately, political issues were involved. ‘, he handed down the sentence.

Antonia Abraham won the bronze medal at the Odesoul in Asuncion, her third medal after winning two previous gold medals.

Chile claimed…

Chile lodged a formal complaint with the technical authorities. the first three rowers decide that the race should be repeated . Nevertheless, Paraguay, who won the women’s singles, appealed the decision to the organizing committee of the 2022 South American Games.

Given the latter, the country’s delegation chose to lower the bill Team Chile indicated that it had decided to dismiss the appeal, taking into account the following: “It was not the technical case that made the final decision.”

Paraguay’s reaction to Team Chile’s first claim

Media and internet users in Paraguay Explosions upon learning of Chile’s claims . versus I wrote on the network: “When not, Chile! The gold medal achieved by Paraguayan rower Alejandra Alonso has been withheld due to an unusual protest presented by Chilean team Antonia Abraham Schuessler.” .

Meanwhile, one user (@Ederluis89) posted on his Twitter account: “Now Chile is using the resources of the national team … CAGONES. They can’t legally win in court, so they fabricate apocryphal accusations (…) Chile, you shit Boulda video shows you!They don’t want us to have a great qualifier against Ecuador…a small country.

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