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Environmental groups boycott tournaments, call for golf ban in Spain: they cemented holes


The environmental group Revolt or Extinct has opened several holes in the Villa de Madrid country club as a sign of protest against the hosting of the Spanish Golf Open, which has consumed vast amounts of water during a historic drought on record. covered up. Europe.

Origin of unpublished images Spain. activist group “Rebellion or Extinction” carried out a peculiar method of protest Villa de Madrid Country Club Where Spanish Open in the field of golf.

The motivation for the movement is to refute. waste of water It takes place on the campuses of golf events in European countries.Therefore, some people hole in the ground so the tournament that started today on Thursday and lasted until Sunday cannot be played.

All of this as a result of either The largest drought in the last 2,000 years on the Old Continent, According to information from State Meteorological Service (Aemet) country of iberia The hottest summer ever recorded in Spain.

at the time of making Filling holes in the sports campus they put up posters denouncing: “This hole swallowed 100,000 liters of water today.” with a clear signal for golf event how to keep it shiny and grass Where is this discipline practiced?

Furthermore, they argued that: “Enjoying a small fraction of the population cannot jeopardize a vital resource.” denied the realization of Spanish Open.

Finally they referendum citizens water monitoring You can decide whether to ban golf in spain .

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