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With a Special Detector: An In-Depth Review of Chess Player Hans Niemann Accused of Cheating


Hans Niemann was indicted in early September on charges of cheating in a chess tournament with an illegal anal device. Currently, he’s the star of an exhaustive review of American tournaments.

made a fuss over the accusation of Magnus Carlson the world’s number one chess player, who blamed his opponent for his final defeat, Hans Niemann he cheated to win.

After that, platform research chess.com revealed that an American player would have made “probably cheating” over a hundred times.

That’s why now players North America under investigation for him A play of dubious origins , follow the detailed information on the website.so much, now competitors 19 years Before each contest you contest, you must pass a thorough review.

A few days ago a young man came to my house. US Championship (U.S. Chess Championship) A security guard was waiting for him at the entrance to contest a new contest in chess.

the security of St. Louis Chess Club paid special attention to Hans Niemann who did you go with Great care when going through the scanner (Optical device that recognizes characters and images) illegal device With his body he can trick.

Competitors after judging passed the first round of the contest by beating another A young genius who is only 15 years old.

At the beginning of the month, a Norwegian Magnus Carlson the American who accused Niemann of cheating He offered to play naked to deny the allegations against him.

At the time, Hans said: “Can I be naked? I do. I know I’m pretty, so I don’t mind.”

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