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Papito Ramon wins: how he experienced the equestrian classic Radio Bío Bío 2022


An exciting day for riding enthusiasts took place yesterday Thursday in Hipodromo Chile with a test that gave rider Gustavo Aros the winner.

At a distance of 1,400 meters, the horse “Papa Ramon” Yesterday afternoon it turned out to be the winner of the twelfth race of the day, the Classico Radio Bio Bio, held at Hippodromo Chile, in the commune of Independencia.

Other specimens also stood out during the day, such as: Bobi Wong Kenobi, Un Gualito, Nantan Lupine, Panko, Monquito Crack .

When asked about the results of the race, Peter Molina As the equestrian journalist and host of the Teletrak TV channel points out: of lightness which became his chief ally.

In this sense, Molina said, “The standard bearer of the Stade del Andes in his duo with Gustavo Aros did not give up ground in the face of Monquitocrac harassment, and finally at the 1.23.35 mark. We won,” he added.

Note that Harras-born Don Alberto achieved his eighth ascent campaign in just 12 days, his third straight victory.

As Content Director of Radio Bío Bío, Nestor Aburto “It is always a pleasure to be part of this classic in honor of the radio here in Hipodromo Chile”. If there is space to do it.”

At the end of the day, with the presence of the Director of Hipodromo Chile, Javier Said and Samuel Benavente an award ceremony was held for the owners, trainers and riders who did not hide their joy at this important victory.

Classic Radio Bío Bío 2022

Source: Biobiochile



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