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After shining in Odesur: The Abraham Twins focuses on tickets to the Pan American Games and JJ.OO in Paris.


After winning three gold medals at the Odessures, the Abraham twins have declared their commitment to being the stars of the Pan American Games ‘Santiago 2023’ and fighting for their ticket to the Olympic Games Paris 2024 .

Antonia and Melita Abraham, Figures of Team Chile during a rowing competition They announced this Friday your senses rear The success of the 2022 Asuncion South American Games in Paraguay.

The national rowing twins were the protagonists of the Guarani waters when they achieved between them three gold medals ,support The delegation is now 3rd in the medal table followed by Brazil and Colombia.

At the press conference, at the Red Bull Chile office, the outstanding national athlete From the beginning, they commented on their passage through Odessur in Paraguay .

before the question of BioBio Chile Melita Abraham said:In Cochabamba, we fell short of the gold medal, but as a team we were able to establish a good level, competed with good results and good times, and won 6 gold medals. ”.

We are satisfied with our achievements so far and aim for the biggest goal of Pan American 2023. and the whole team is focused on achieving good performance,” he added.

Meanwhile, Antonia said,did a good job (in Paraguay). There were times when things didn’t go as planned, but not everything will be 100%. We must continue our efforts and set our sights on next year – specific pan-Americans, classifications and “Santiago 2023” -, there are many desires ”.

of Junk’s unfortunate episode Stopping South America’s Antonia and Team Chile from another gold medal Paintsta was inevitable . While he was comfortably leading the test in the Gulf of Asuncion, his boat became obsessed with this plant with long, flexible stems that grows underwater.

Finally, Antonia Abraham 3rd place test and was given a bronze medal. It was a situation that did not make the athlete happy at all.

“What happened to me I didn’t understand it at first because it could happen to anyone, but in the end I was able to finish in 3rd place along with Nori. It was hard because the boat was heavy, but I have to turn the page. It served as a learning experience and made me grow as a person and as an athlete,” he said.

“They provoke me and I’m not going to give those people a choice. . I go to all and you just have to learn , is a stone on the road. We didn’t get three gold medals, but the bronze is still worth it,” he added.

Faced with another query from this media, What was the projection path like in moving from the U23 event to the adult tournaments – we’ve already scored podiums in this last category – Antonia says “initially cost Having reached the final of the World Cup, she finished fourth, just 0.20 (1/100th) behind the medals. I always made it to the finals, but I didn’t get on the podium. ”

And this year I finally managed to get on the podium. – Winning the silver medal at the World Rowing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to continue to improve in rowing,” he added.

Melitta said: just to start seeing results ”.

“We’ve been through eight years without stopping, without losing focus, falling and winning, but now we’re in adult boats, in Olympic events. we are starting to give it to speak globally That’s what we’ve been waiting for for almost five years,” he added.

The Abraham twins will compete at the 2023 Pan American Games, San Pedro de La Paz, his cradle on a paddle Faced with the great responsibility of being local, the Chilean said, “Competing at home is a huge deal. In Chile you have to work very hard instead of trusting yourself.” like going to the world championship . Pressure, responsibility, We worked hard and did very well so I have a lot of confidence ”.

We want to carry on the region with a lot of pride and passion, and we take this event as if it were the end of the world. In fact, it’s the last competition of the season, and I’m going to take responsibility for it and give it my all in the best possible way,” they added.

Finally, when referring to To the Olympic cycle of the Paris 2024 Games Mirita said, “Our test classification system is two without Helmsman, it’s the world cup The only way to classify is at the world level , which is usually done one year in advance in Europe. “

“That’s why next year we’re going to do a European tour, like three World Cups, and then the World Cup. It is held in August and is where the first 11 boats qualify for the Olympics. If you don’t classify there, you get a second instance of classification. May 2024 ~ Tournament coming soon ~ 10 boats qualified, all facing each other at the slaughterhouse “, he added.

Our goal is to classify, not to give margins When we left Tokyo, we finished 12th and they qualified 11th, losing to the last shovel. And now we are not going to give such a narrow range ….”, he handed down the sentence.

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