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Japanese football players and fans celebrated, but before that they also cleaned up after themselves



It is also said to be a way in which they show pride in their way of life

The Japanese swept the Germans at the World Cup in Qatar, but before celebrating the achievement, they surprised everyone again – they thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. The fans started cleaning the stadium, and the football players took care of the locker room.

After the match they are the stands are generally covered with empty glasses, leftover food and packaging, and the spectators count on someone else to clean up after them. This did not happen in the match between Germany and Japan.

Given that they are In the World Cup match in Qatar, Japanese footballers historically beat Germany 2:1, and some are already calling for a public holiday in Japan. And you they are again showed their manners and habits, reports the BBC.

Football players they are had barely left the field when they are The Japanese have already stopped celebrating and on plan pulled out light blue garbage bags. So they are at the International Stadium Khalifa cleaned up behind themselves and other visitors who they are already gone. Employees they are thanked them loudly over the loudspeaker, together they are also took a photo.

This kind of cleansing gesture did not happen for the first time

Kudos they are also received stars evening – football players they are cleaned up after themselves locker roomand left crane-shaped origami on the table, with which they are show respect to the host.

Cleanliness is an important part of Japanese culture, they are taught from a young age, children also clean school classrooms and corridors. It is in 2018 Scott Northa professor of sociology at Osaka University, said that tidying up is also a way in which “they show pride in their way of life“. One of the fans said about their habit that the Japanese never leave trash behind, because they respect the place, and one of the Japanese visitors added that they value cleanliness, for them it is like religion.

This kind of cleaning gesture did not happen for the first time. Japanese soccer fans they are did the same four years ago at the World Cup in Russia, though they are they were losers then. Cleaning up they are even those who they are watched this year’s opening match, in which their team otherwise did not participate – the hosts Qatar and Ecuador faced each other.

Source: Rtvslo

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