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In Doha, camels cause seasickness on dry land, driving on the roads like in the middle of the desert



Postcards from Qatar

Qataris are still looking for their place on the world tourist map, inviting guests by saying that 48 hours is enough to get to know their small country. Doha can be just a stop on the way to somewhere further, but a few short hours are also worth devoting to a trip to the desert.

And this tour isn’t complete without getting up close and personal with camels. Their name comes from the Arabic word for beauty. They are extremely important for the nation’s heritage, durable. To keep the desert sand out of their eyes, each camel’s eye has three eyelids and two rows of eyelashes.

It’s a different world from ours, here in desert countries you still get seasick on dry land – because of a ride on a desert ship. It travels up to 65 kilometers per hour, but if it is not necessary, it prefers to take the heat casually. Her elegance comes from here that she moves both left limbs and both right limbs at the same time. Its movement then resembles the waves of the sea, hence seasickness.

Lost like this in the sandy wastelands, it is easier to understand where the chaos on Qatar’s roads comes from. Indeed, they are not disciplined drivers, they say that even on the roads they drive in the same way as in the middle of the desert sand. The dunes are steeper than those in the United Emirates; the offer on them is always similar. When surfing, the surface can cause problems, the Slovenian cable car offer is excellent in comparison.

What is so special about this sea?

As much as 90 percent of the country is surrounded by water, it is half the size of Slovenia and has 13 times more coastline. These 35 kilometers, well entwined in the interior of the continent, are the most remarkable. And not only because of the clean, turquoise blue sea and calm all around.

What is so special about this sea? This is one of the truly rare places in the world where desert dunes meet the sea. Less good for the Qataris is that they share it with their not-so-popular neighbor, Saudi Arabia. The neighbor on the other side of the river is just a hunch, there is nothing organized and fortified around. Jumping into the otherwise shallower sea is not prohibited – only the temperature is such that you will warm up in it, and not cool down.

Source: Rtvslo

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