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Eva Urevc failed in the qualifications at the first sprint of the winter



The 2022/23 cross-country skiing season is starting

In the well-known Finnish winter sports center in Ruka, the opening test in cross-country skiing in the World Cup in the 2022/23 season will take place today. Slovenian colors were unsuccessfully represented in the sprint qualification by Eva Urevc, Miha Šimenc and Vili Črv.

After the departure of Anamarija Lampič to the world of biathlon, this season the strongest Slovenian weapon in cross-country skiing will be Eva Urevac. But the beginning of the season, the highlight of which will be the world championship in Planica, was not lucky for the 27-year-old.

In the qualifications, she performed with number 3 and set the 33rd time in the competition of 59 runners on the 1.4 km long sprint track in classic technique. With exactly 2:58.00, he is second and She missed 61 percent city among the thirty, who are waiting for elimination fights from 12:30 p.m.

Šimenc too slow by two seconds

Also Fairy Worm and Miha Šimenc they were not fast enough to be among the 66 runners sprinted top 30 quarter-final appearance.

Šimenec was 43. and missed the top 30 by 2.08 seconds in a very evenly matched competition. The worm in 55th place missed the promotion by 5.14 seconds.

Klaebo a class of its own, Swedish women ahead of Norwegian women

In cross-country skiing, the first race of the 2022/23 season went to the Swedish women. Emma Fish she won, Johanna Hagstrom but he is in the fight for 2. city overtook the Norwegian by two hundredths Tiril Weng.

He was with runners throughout Johannes Klaebo the strongest, from the qualifiers through the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. The Norwegians occupied the first four places, behind their compatriots Klaebom they lined up Even Northug, Paul Golberg and Eric Valnes.

Among the total of 12 finalists in both competitions, there was only one non-northern runner – Frenchman Jules Chappaz was solidly last in the men’s final.



Elimination fights and the final



Elimination fights and the final


Source: Rtvslo

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