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‘Leona’ looses in Valdivia: Daniela Asenjo’s journey to world title comeback



From sedentary to boxer, from local star to sandwich vendor, to aspiring world champion. This has been a long journey for “Leona” Daniela Asenjo.

June 7th, National Fighter Daniella “Leona” Asenjo Made history in France: He defeated American Casey Morton at the card to win the super flyweight world title. international boxing organization (IBOs).

This is the most significant achievement in her career from the Los Rios region, who has had to fight not only in the ring to improve her career.

Now “Leona” is at the gate of another important battle, for which she had to go against the tide due to lack of support: protect his belt .

This December, at the Valdivia Municipal Coliseum, Asenjo will return to the ring to face the Peruvian player. cute rekka arrived in Chile with a promise to surprise the national team and seize the throne.

The fight promises to be a party of the night, including fights between men and women, which can inspire long careers for local boxers.

The beginning of madness and the first obstacle

“Leona” started her sports career in 2009 at the age of 18. She tried her hand at kickboxing after her boxing club in Valdivia rejected her on the grounds of only training men.

It was a radical change in his life. He left his sedentary lifestyle and music behind to focus on training at Club KO and is focused on her goal of becoming a world champion.

After several years of competition, his first chance to fight for the world belt came in 2018. With the Latin American title, he will face Argentina. Deborah Dionysius but a cervical spine injury prevented him from entering the ring.

It didn’t stop his momentum, but the obstacles in his path began to stop him. The lack of private support prompted him to rethink his career as it became increasingly difficult to find space to defend his Latin American crown and aspire to world belts.

Balancing a career as a boxer and a job as a spiritual educator was no longer an option, so she devoted herself to the sport and the KO Club, which unfortunately has been targeted by crime.

Nothing Stops “Leona” Asenjo

But if there’s one thing “Leona” has learned in her career so far, to never give up When there was no sponsorship, he managed to seek them out. If there was no money, he would knock on the door and innovate to get it. And when the resources for sports were scarce, he tried to get into politics.

In March 2022, his name was ringing as an option for the Los Rios region’s Sports Ceremi.

in the meantime, It was the covid-19 pandemic that was about to crush Daniela Asenjo’s dreams .

With no possibility to open a gym, no state benefits, and no ability to compete, the women of Baldib suffered a lot during the most severe months of sanitary restrictions.

“We had to change the business of selling sandwiches and other types of things between my partner, who is also the owner of the same gym, and friends,” the national fighter explained.

He risked everything, took private classes the “bad way”, ignored hygiene measures to get nourishment, and was able to stay prepared for moments like those to come.

the title was the first step

Sharp, sharp, always forward. This is how Asenjo fought Casey Morton on March 7th. in the most important battle of “Leona” to date.

He already has a world title, but now comes the hardest part. It’s about keeping it up against your opponent’s threats.

Due to a lack of sponsors, he could hardly schedule a title fight before the title was taken from him by the IBO, and with everything ready, he left everything above the ring. I swear.

“We will always have the spirit of fighting to win, whether the title is at stake or not. I represent my city and country, so my motivation is much higher,” emphasized “Leona.”

It’s worth remembering that Daniela Asenjo and Peru’s Linda Recca will face each other on Saturday, December 3 at the Valdivia Municipal Coliseum.

Source: Biobiochile

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