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Charatenango: “They lent us the stadium (Gregorio Martinez) to train only once a week”



AD Chalatenango president Bertirio Henriquez announced his resignation this week, but in an interview in which he broke the news, he also revealed: The Northern team’s senior, reserve and women’s categories had to find a place to train outside the Gregorio Martinez stadium. But what is the reason?

Henriquez said the Gregorio Martinez Stadium is owned by the National Sports Institute (INDES). He had to rent a sports venue from Chalatenango Mayor Freddy Hernández to train.but only reached an agreement with the mayor to train and play once, while the reserve team and women’s team only used the stage to play matches.

“We know there is space in the INDES league and we know the stadium belongs to INDES.Mayor Freddy (Hernández) has to make a decision about what to do with the stadium.Past season In, we always used the stadium for training.This season they gave us a day of training.We had to rent the stadium outside.

“The senior team reached an agreement to practice and play only one day a week, and the women’s and reserves agreed to play only games. Certain things disappointed him,” he said. he added.

In addition, Henriquez elaborated on the problems the AD Chalatenango structure had. This is due to the lack of conditions to train and prepare for the weekend’s games.

“We had to transport our players.These were all expenses.The women’s team and the reserve team couldn’t play in the stadium.We were told to find a place to play.Go to Comalapa. There were times,” Henriquez said.

“We need to meet with the mayor and we have reached an agreement. No matter what field the women’s team is playing on, it is unfair for girls to change clothes under the trees and there is no requirement for girls.” To. Team. Women,” he added.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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