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Ribničani with a two-goal advantage after the turnaround from Vienna



Trailing by five goals already

In the first match of the 3rd round of the European Cup in Vienna, Rik Ribnica’s handball players defeated the Austrian Fivers Margareten with 35:33.

In the Austrian capital, the people of Ribnica chose a brilliant starting point for breaking through to the round of 16 of the third strongest club competition on the old continent. They must confirm their promotion in a week’s time in their own hall, when they will start the second leg with a two-goal lead.

The chosen ones Boruto the Cat were five goals behind in the 35th minute (20:25), and then they just closed their ranks and after the goal Ivan Laljek seven minutes later they equalized at 28:28. Until the last sound of the siren, it was an equal and even fight, and in the decisive moments of the match, the handball players from the land of dry goods were more prudent.

In the 58th minute, the score was 33:33, and then the people of Ribnica simply crushed the resistance of the people of Vienna, and the decisive goals for the victory were contributed by Gašper Hrastnik and Leon Ljevar.

In the pond team, the most effective were Ljevar with ten goals and Laljek with eight goals.

On Sunday, the handball players from Velenje Gorenje will also take to the big stage in this competition, who will host Partizan from Belgrade in the Red Hall.

EUROPEAN CUP 3RD ROUND, first matches


Fivers Margareten: Šarić, Damböck 9, Haunold, Schweiger 3, Filzwieser, Tanić, Schuh 3, Martinović 2, David, Nigg 6, Brenneis 1, Kolar 2, Gangel, Riede 1, Brandfellner, Seidl 6.

Riko Pond: Jelenović, Klarič, Levstek 2, Laljek 8, Bogdanović 3, Gorenc 1, Žagar 4, Ljevar 10, Grum 2, Miličević, Cimerman, Nosan 1, Hrastnik 4.

Penalties: Fivers Margareten 3 (1), Riko Ribnica 5 (4). Suspensions: Fivers Margareten 6, Riko Ribnica 14 minutes. Red card: /.

Source: Rtvslo

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