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American football success Chilean Tony Rojas and American colleges are ‘fighting’



Chile’s Tony Rojas had a great year in American football, with various colleges vying for him. He wants to be the second Chilean to play in the NFL, after Samis Reyes.

for some history Sammy Reyes who became first Chilean to play in nfl , the American Football League in the United States. Hopefully he will be joined by representatives from another country. Tony Rojas.

Sacrifice, talent, sadness and joy, elements of Samis’ North American career. chicago bearsAnd he wants to emulate Rojas, a “teenager” of Chilean ancestry. number 5, in the great form of Virginia Fairfax Lions 2022 season.

Now, in 2023, the National already has a new challenge. Pennsylvania State Football University of Pennsylvania, He studies on scholarship, sports journalism.

His social networks are increasing day by day, and the American press has already quoted and highlighted his words. washington post He made several notes highlighting all the possibilities and their virtues despite his young age.

“I love choripan, empanadas and lentils. I believe in my abilities and train hard every day to reach the NFL because that is my dream. “These are the facilities of this young athlete who, in a short period of time, first made his football debut in Virginia (where he lives with his family), and this year he will do it at the University of Pennsylvania.” It’s a schedule.A place that accepted him like everyone else. Rockstar

He knows he has a long way to go to get where he matters, as his sports idols Samis Reyes and Alexis Sanchez have done. “Not only do they represent the sacrifices necessary to succeed, they never forget their roots and where they came from.” Tony Rojas’ words, due to his potential and height, excelled at basketball and even soccer, but kept his great passion, his North American variant.

“Our family has been blown away by his drive to play and train, and how he stands out for his speed and size for his age. This is just the beginning, and it’s no coincidence that more than five colleges fought to keep Tony. But he chose Pennsylvania. ”

His grandfather Daniel Rojas, a Chilean who has lived in Virginia for many years, emphasizes Tony’s potential to rise to the top in America’s “King” sport.

Source: Biobiochile

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