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This is how Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner should wear in Saudi Arabia



Cristiano Ronaldo caught the attention of the whole world when he signed a €200 million deal per season with Al Nassar FC until 2025. According to Forbes magazine. In this way, the Portuguese footballer won the highest paid ever.

After signing a deal with Al Nassar, Cristiano Ronaldo was officially introduced as a member of the club at a special event attended by his family.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s deal with Al Nassar FC club has forced the footballer and his family to move their homes to Saudi Arabia. The person most affected by this change is Georgina Rodriguez, who must adhere to dress codes in a country notoriously unfriendly to women.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his family, girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and their children are set to move to Saudi Arabia after the Portuguese footballer signs for Al Nassar FC. The famous couple will live in an Asian country with strict religious laws.
Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia is characterized as a conservative country. In fact, Georgina Rodriguez would be most affected by this move, as Japan is not a woman-friendly country.

More precisely, Georgina Rodriguez has to adapt to Saudi Arabia’s dress code.Influencers are also required to change their attire in public to comply with the country’s strict regulations.

Georgina Rodriguez can use whatever press outlet she wants in her private life, but the truth is that when she’s out in public, she must abide by Saudi Arabia’s public policy laws.

According to the rules, as God said, Georgina Rodriguez must dress modestly and decoratively.

Georgina Rodriguez has been criticized in many situations for her extravagant looks. I’m used to wearing

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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