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El Salvador swimmer to study at one of the world’s best universities



New year, new dreams. An INDES Effort and Glory Program athlete, Isabella Alas will study and continue her career as a swimmer at the prestigious Harvard University.Good news was confirmed for her at the end of 2022, and thanks to her outstanding sporting and academic career, as well as her training as an integral athlete, she was accepted for admission.

Athlete living in Houston, USAs represents El Salvador at the World Championships, CCCAN and the Junior Pan American Games. A new stage in his life begins this year.
In an interview published by the Salvador Swimming Federation, Isabella said, “After searching and researching colleges I was interested in attending, I knew I wanted to go to Harvard for both my academics and the great swim team.

Before being approved for admission, Alas was invited by the university to visit the facility and train with the team for three days.

“I am grateful that they visited Harvard and gave me the wonderful opportunity to swim with the team.At the same time, after meeting the team and the swim coach, I knew I wanted to be a part of them. Swimming has helped me tremendously for 18 years, from learning how to manage my time effectively and striving to do my best in the pool, school assignments and other challenges,” explained the athlete. Did.

Isabella’s admission to Harvard marks a new stage in her life and will give her the opportunity to fulfill one of her dreams. Study economics and business administration.

“They broke the news to him in October that they had accepted his application and confirmed it in December. She has to balance sports and schoolwork, but I hope everything goes well.” ” said Salvadoran Frank Arras, the athlete’s father.

Isabella, in addition to being an athlete with excellent projective ability and application in research, She stands out for her vision of helping the community, an aspect that helped her get accepted into Harvard University.

“This is from God and a source of pride for our family. We have provided her with all possible support. My daughter has always liked sports as well as studies I think she put a lot of effort in. It’s a win for us and a big step in his life.” emphasized the swimmer’s father.

Isabella is grateful to her parents, who have always been the pillars of her life in all areas. We are grateful for the support provided by the Swimming Federation and the Salvadoran National Institute of Sport (INDES). )

“I will definitely continue to play this great sport in college and continue to practice while keeping a balance with my studies. Nothing is impossible.” Try to do what is best for you. Trust God and yourself along the way and know that you will face many challenges in life.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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