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The US was about to be led by the former Real Madrid coach



US football is defining Greg Verhalter’s future and his chances of staying at the top of the USMNT after the physical abuse scandal he was involved in, but US management is skeptical of him with New Jersey strategists. are looking for new alternatives for Zinedine Zidane, who had no chance of commanding France after Didier Deschamps’ renewal, was among the men contacted for the position.

French newspaper L’Equipe reports that Zidane has received an offer to take the reins of the USMNT for the upcoming World Cup.

Nevertheless, The three-time Champions League winner with Real Madrid turned down offers from American football. As such, the ex-Frenchman is unlikely to take charge of Team USA.

The aforementioned French outlet highlighted that Zidane won’t play for any national team other than FranceHowever, such a possibility will have to wait until 2026, when Didier Deschamps’ new relationship with Les Bleus ends.

In addition to the proposal to command the USMNT, Zidane also had proposals from Brazil and Portugal on the table, but his response was also negative, with all French strategists leaving the court after him. The second spell responsible for Madrid.

USMNT Continues to Analyze Bench Options

Ernie Stewart recently confirmed that he is one of the candidates believed to lead the USMNT on its way to the 2026 World Cup, despite being investigated alongside Greg Verhalter. So his update is still possible.

However, while other names such as Zidane, Bielsa and even Jesse Marsh have already been mentioned in the USMNT environment, the only settlement revealed so far is the one announced by L’Equipe with the French strategist .

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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