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Double Norwegian victory, Hadalin to the first slalom points of the season



First favorite Kristoffersen after a mistake without a final

Lucas Braathen handled all the pitfalls of the undulating slalom course in Adelboden in the style of a seasoned master and convincingly defeated his rivals. The Norwegian victory was completed by Atle Lie McGrath with second place, Linus Strasser was third.

Stefan Hadalin won his second points this season with 14th place (+2.10). In the final, he gained six podiums with the fourth time. His best ranking remains 9th place from the opening giant slalom in Sölden.

Braathen led after the first run of the fourth slalom of the season, and in the final he increased his advantage over the first pursuer. In the end, the jump amounted to 71 cents. Strasser kept his place on the podium by one hundredth.

For Braathen, after the giant slalom in Alta Badia and the slalom in Val d’Isere, this is the third victory of the season, and the fifth overall in his career.

After the first run, Braathen had a lead of 52 hundredths ahead of Loic Meillard and 60 ahead of Strasser. Manuel Feller and McGrath were less than a second behind. Hadalin had the 20th time (+2.93). After reaching the finish line, no one overtook him. Tijan Marovt he retired halfway through the first course.

First favorite Henrik Kristoffersen made a big mistake with number one, falling behind by more than four seconds and missing the final. With number two, he retired on the first track Clement Noel.

“I am very happy that I put together two very solid runs. The first one was already very solid, I had a solid speed, considering that I had a very high starting number. In the second I tried to relax as much as possible and ski, which yes good i did that i had the fourth time in the second run and in the end 14th place which is great” said Hadalin.

At the same time, this is my second best slalom result here in Adelboden and I am happy and proud of myself that it turned out like this. Now first the journey home and a little rest, and then, if lucky, training in Kranjska Gora or somewhere in Italy and on to the next matches in Wengen,Hadalin said.

Končni vrstni red:                   
 1. L. BRAATHEN        NOR    1:49,31
 2. A.-L. MCGRATH      NOR      +0,71
 3. L. STRASSER        NEM       0,92
 4. A. VINATZER        ITA       0,93
  . L. MEILLARD        ŠVI       0,93
 6. M. SCHWARZ         AVT       1,13
 7. M. FELLER          AVT       1,19
 8. R. ZENHÄUSERN      ŠVI       1,20
 9. M. ROCHAT          ŠVI       1,57
10. A. PINTURAULT      FRA       1,72
11. D. YULE            ŠVI       1,74
14. Š. HADALIN         SLO       2,10
Prva vožnja:                         
 1. L. BRAATHEN        NOR      54,35
 2. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI      +0,52
 3. L. STRASSER        NEM       0,60
 4. M. FELLER          AVT       0,82
 5. A.-L. MCGRATH      NOR       0,94
 6. T. HAUGAN          NOR       1,16
 7. M. SCHWARZ         AVT       1,16
 8. T. SALA            ITA       1,34
 9. D. YULE            ŠVI       1,46
10. R. ZENHÄUSERN      ŠVI       1,63
20. Š. HADALIN         SLO       2,93
Odstop Noel, Jakobsen, Marovt        
Slalom (4/10):                         
 1. L. BRAATHEN        NOR     250 točk
 2. M. FELLER          AVT     241     
 3. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR     220     
 4. D. YULE            ŠVI     210     
 5. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI     142     
 6. L. STRASSER        NEM     140     
 7. M. SCHWARZ         AVT     117     
 8. A. PINTURAULT      FRA     109     
 9. T. SALLA           ITA      91     
10. K. JAKOBSEN        ŠVE      86     
32. Š. HADALIN         SLO      18     
Skupni seštevek (17/40):               
 1. M. ODERMATT        ŠVI        1.046
 2. A. A. KILDE        NOR          646
 3. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR          565
 4. L. BRAATHEN        NOR          465
 5. V. KRIECHMAYR      AVT          432
 6. M. FELLER          AVT          406
 7. A. PINTURAULT      FRA          401
 8. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI          398
 9. J. CRAWFORD        KAN          317
10. Ž. KRANJEC         SLO          290
65. Š. HADALIN         SLO           47
67. M. ČATER           SLO           46
86. M. HROBAT          SLO           27

Source: Rtvslo

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