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The leading derby went to Krka, which remains undefeated



17 points by Stipčević

Krka basketball players defeated Helios (74:67) for the second time in the season in the derby of the leading teams of the Nova KBM League and remain undefeated.

They came to victory in a similar way as in the first match between them in Domžale, even in the home match they were behind for the most part, but in the end they managed to turn things around. This was thanks to the three-point throw and Jan Špan, who pulled the Novi Sad team out of an unfavorable position at the beginning of the last quarter.

The match, during which the coaches could have been more satisfied with the defense than the attack, as the players did not miss a shot in any way, was otherwise very even. Until the beginning of the last part, Krka led only a few times, and with the exception of 2:0, never by more than a point. On the other hand, the people of Domžal twice had an advantage of seven points, the first time at the beginning of the game, and the second time when the result was 47:54.

Before the start of the last quarter, the guests were leading 56:50, and then the Spaniard entered the scene. He hit three consecutive 3-pointers – Krka had only hit one three-pointer before that – for a partial 9-0 lead, then scored two more points and encouraged his teammates to start shooting from distance as well. Three-pointers were also scored by Radosav Spasojević, Rok Stipčević, the most effective player of the match with 17 points, and Leon Stergar in the last minute. On the other hand, the people of Domžal sinned, so they had to congratulate their rivals for the second time in the season.

LIGA NOVA KBM, 13th round

ZLATOROG LAŠKO – Illyria 61:78 Lorbek and Samojlović 11 each; Kruzynski 15, Shashkov 14, Daneu 11.

ROGAŠKA – HOPSI POLZELA 89:67 Špan 25, Miličević 18; Vasilić 18.

SENTJUR – GGD ŠENČUR 67:78 Dunn-Martin and Nemanič 15 each; Ožegović 15, Walford 13.

KRKA – HELIOS SUNS 74:67 Stipčević 17, Špan 15, Spasojević 13; Luke 14, Mahkovic 12.


The order: Krka 26, Helios 24, Šančur Rogaška and Šentjur 20 each, Hopsi 18, Podčetrtek and Ilirija 17 each, Zlatorog 16, LTH Castings 14.

Source: Rtvslo

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