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Carlo Ancelotti: “It’s disrespectful to say Real Madrid have been insulted”



Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti thought it was disrespectful to talk about ‘humiliation’ this Sunday after losing 3-1 to FC Barcelona in the Super Cup final, at the same time he admitted The team is ‘hurt’, but will lift its head ‘soon’.

“It is true that the situation with the team is not good. We have to be patient. This team has the qualities to be competitive again. We are very hurt. Usually Madrid win the final. But we have a long season left and we said at a press conference, the coach said, “It’s in my head to talk about humiliation. There is,” he said.

In this sense, Italians viewed talking about humiliation as a “lack of respect” and recognized Barcelona’s superiority. Lack, they played better and they deserved it, Barcelona played better when you take into account the mistakes we made, period,” he said.

Still, Ancelotti was confident in his players and was confident they would be “competitive and strong” again. What we have to do is get back to being competitive and strong.At the moment the defensive side is costing us a lot,” he explained.

The Real Madrid coach has described the Whites’ moment as ‘difficult’, but he doesn’t want to call it ‘important’. It’s something that happens, we usually go through it.A difficult moment has to be fixed with commitment, immediately and with a normal attitude,” he pointed out.

In addition, the coach analyzed the game and was critical of the players’ defensive mistakes. “We need to improve our defensive side to concede three goals. Players must realize that mistakes are easy to avoid. Until then, each team had only one chance in the game.”

“The team showed little intensity and little success. We lost 25 in the first part. It was not a strong one-on-one. It was an imperfect game on all fronts. ’” he concluded.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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