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The ‘discovery gem’ of international tourism



El Salvador was recognized as a ‘Jewel to Discover’ at the 43rd International Tourism Expo (FITUR) 2023 at the 3rd Travelers’ Awards of Spanish media Periodista Digital.

It is an encouraging recognition of a country that has emphasized its natural beauty, beaches, mountains, traditions and hospitality of its people, and has worked hard to improve an image that has been marred by 12 years of civil war and traumatic violence. .gang

Surfing was a major factor in El Salvador becoming recognized as a ‘gem to be discovered’, standing out alongside countries such as Mexico and Egypt. For this we highlight the beaches of El Sunzal, El Tunco and Punta Mango. But we know we have the beauty of the mountains, the beauty of our home town, the joy of coffee, and the beauty of a simple but friendly town.

In November 2022, the prestigious Lonely Planet magazine included El Salvador on its 2023 Best of Travel list for the first time. El Salvador has been cataloged as a multifaceted destination, with coffee, surfing, picturesque towns and national parks. They are a worthy recognition, the result of decades of hard work by the authorities, businessmen large and small in the tourism sector, and generally a win for all Salvadorans.

Improving El Salvador’s image is everyone’s job. Undoubtedly, government marketing and tourism entrepreneurs count a lot, but we want cleaner cities and highways, better customer service, a safer country, and an ever-friendly attitude towards our visitors. I have made many contributions.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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