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Rodolfo Zelaya: “I used to be 94 kilos, now I’m 83 kilos”



Alianza FC attacker Rodolfo Celaya has been one of the players who has been criticized for being unwell since returning to the Arbo team from Celaya, Mexico, at the Apertura 2020. During this pre-season under coach Eduardo Lara, he could see improvements in his bid for a new title at Clausura 2023.

“At the beginning of the preseason I weighed 94 kilos, today I weigh 83 kilos, almost 23 pounds. My previous weight contributed to the team, but my new weight contributes a little more. YouTube channel interview National Striker, at “Mago Azul” weighed 207 lbs before preseason and now weighs 182 lbs.

“I was on the phone with our president, Don Pedro, and we talk a lot, so he said, ‘You don’t want to lose weight,’ but I said I’m going to lose weight this season. Platense. What happened to us hurt us. I want to improve so that I can help the team this season.

Celaya said that thanks to physical trainer Oscar Vallejo, Coach Lara was able to cut the weight needed to compete in the new national competition. The Colombian had stated that his position would be on the pachyderm’s coaching staff if he had not reached his ideal weight.

“The teacher (Eduardo Lara) is very demanding that not only me, but all my colleagues are physically fit, because not only was I overweight, but here I am overweight. Because there were too many people, we are working on it, Oscar Vallejo has worked well in that sense so we are physically ready for the start of the tournament,” said Zelaya. .

Zeraya managed to win the Apertura 2020 title after returning from Mexico with Alianza, and increased his goals tally to 15 in Clausura 2021, but finished runner-up after losing to FAS, but Apertura In 2021 he has scored 11 goals. He was roughly on par with striker Dubie Riasco, who lifted the championship.

At Clausura 2022, Celaya beat Pratense to win a second championship, but their goal record dropped to three. Apertura 2022 team scored only 4 goals after being eliminated in the quarter-finals against “Viroleños”At Clausura 2023 he wants to be stronger with his new weights.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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