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Kobayashi with an exceptional final jump to the second victory in Sapporo, Domen Prevc fourth



Also Peter Prevc, Lanišek and Zajc among the ten

Rjoju Kobayashi rounded off a brilliant weekend at the Okurayama Olympic ski jump in Sapporo with his second victory. In the final series, he landed at 143 meters and beat Halvor Egner Granerud by 12 points. Domen Prevc finished in an excellent fourth place.

Domen Prevc, who collected a total of 57 points in all games this season, provided the surprise of the day. After 40th and 35th place in the opening two races in Sapporo, he moved up to fourth place. After the first series, he was in 12th place with 136 meters, and then in the final he jumped 140 meters and came close to the podium. This is his highest ranking in the matches for the Planica World Cup on March 28, 2021 at the Gorišek Brothers Airport.

Four Slovenians among the tenAs many as four Slovenian jumpers ranked among the top ten. Peter Prevc confirmed his improvement in form in recent weeks with sixth place. Anže Lanišek, who had bad luck with the wind on Saturday, finished in ninth place. After the first series, Timi Zajc was third with 142 meters, but in the final he was not lucky. With 121 meters, he fell to 10th place.

Le Mogel too short for the finalPoints were also won by Lovra Kos in 16th place and Žiga Jelar, who was 28th after jumping only 90.5 meters in very bad conditions in the final series.

The hero of Saturday’s match, Žak Mogel, took 40th place in the first series with 119.5 meters and did not qualify for the final.

Kobayashi collected 260 points in three home gamesRjoju Kobajaša shone on his home stage. He had never stood on the podium before Friday this season. After Friday’s victory and Saturday’s third place, this time he was second with 141 meters after the first series, and then he jumped two meters further and looked forward to his 29th victory in the World Cup.

Granerud took advantage of Kubacki’s slipGranerud had a 6.2 point advantage after the first heat, but in the final he jumped 136.5 meters, which was enough for second place. Nevertheless, the Norwegian will be satisfied, as the leader in the World Cup, Dawid Kubacki, only took 11th place. The Pole managed only 125 meters in the final and that was only enough for 24 points. Kubacki has only 48 points ahead of Granerud.

Eisenbichler on the podium for the first time this seasonThird place was taken by Markus Eisenbichler. The German had a big crisis this winter, only breaking into the top ten twice. This time, with 139.5 mv in the final series, he advanced from seventh to third place.

The caravan will gather at the airport in Kulm at the end of next week, where there will be two individual matches.

Končni vrstni red:     daljave   točke 
 1. R. KOBAJAŠI  JAP 141,0/143,0 280,9 
 2. H. GRANERUD  NOR 140,0/136,5 268,9 
 3. M. EISENBIC. NEM 140,5/139,5 256,9 
 4. D. PREVC     SLO 136,0/140,0 249,8 
 5. J. FORFANG   NOR 143,5/127,0 241,9 
 6. P. PREVC     SLO 139,0/130,0 241,7 
 7. D.TSCHOFENIG AVT 138,5/127,5 241,3 
 8. P. ŽYLA      POL 130,0/136,0 240,5 
 9. A. LANIŠEK   SLO 129,0/132,5 240,4 
10. T. ZAJC      SLO 142,0/121,0 239,7 
11. D. KUBACKI   POL 137,5/125,0 238,7 
16. L. KOS       SLO 133,0/133,0 225,8 
28. Ž. JELAR     SLO 139,0/ 90,5 168,4 
------------ zunaj finala: ----------- 
40. Ž. MOGEL     SLO 119,5        88,2 
Po prvi seriji:        daljave   točke 
 1. H. GRANERUD  NOR 140,0       142,9 
 2. R. KOBAJAŠI  JAP 141,0       136,7 
 3. T. ZAJC      SLO 142,0       134,9 
  . J. FORFANG   NOR 143,5       134,9 
 5. D.TSCHOFENIG AVT 138,5       132,3 
 6. D. KUBACKI   POL 137,5       130,7 
 7. M. EISENBIC. NEM 140,5       129,7 
 8. P. PREVC     SLO 139,0       129,3 
 9. M. FETTNER   AVT 130,5       126,7 
10. Ž. JELAR     SLO 139,0       125,9 
12. D. PREVC     SLO 136,0       122,1 
14. A. LANIŠEK   SLO 129,0       118,6 
20. L. KOS       SLO 133,0       110,1 
------------ zunaj finala: ----------- 
40. Ž. MOGEL     SLO 119,5        88,2 

Skupni vrstni red (16/32):             
 1. D. KUBACKI          POL   1164 točk
 2. H. E. GRANERUD      NOR   1116     
 3. A. LANIŠEK          SLO    941     
 4. S. KRAFT            AVT    811     
 5. P. ŽYLA             POL    628     
 6. M. FETTNER          AVT    487     
 7. R. KOBAJAŠI         JAP    421     
 8. K. STOCH            POL    391     
 9. D. TSCHOFENIG       AVT    375     
10. M. HAYBÖCK          AVT    362     
15. T. ZAJC             SLO    274     
16. P. PREVC            SLO    261     
20. L. KOS              SLO    201     
25. Ž. JELAR            SLO    130     
29. D. PREVC            SLO    107     
39. Ž. MOGEL            SLO     26     

Source: Rtvslo

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