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Roberto Dominguez: “Before I started playing football, I worked as a mechanic until I got hired by FESA”



Roberto Domínguez FAS Player / DEM Archives - La Selecta

Roberto Domínguez FAS Player / DEM Archives – La Selecta

Roberto Dominguez, head of defense, revealed in an interview How did the opportunity present himself to him to take his first steps in football?

“I started working as a mechanic when I was 12. My brother worked there and I went to work with him. he said.

“I went to a small field in Chalatenango one Sunday and played well. A FESA teacher was at the party I directed the sub-20 (Alex Sensei),” he added.

The Apertura 2022 FAS champion explained he was accepted after testing at FESA, but asked for two months to resolve family issues. It was finally launched at the Foundation on March 5, 2012.

“They came and told me to go for a one-week trial. I asked them for two months,” he asserted.

Domínguez details in an interview on the YouTube channel “Solo una Platica” Two years of life in a FESA boarding school.

“I did an internship at FESA for two years, which helped me a lot. He left FESA once or twice a month and lived there,” he declared.

After leaving the Foundation FESA took steps to allow defenders to play with Juventud Independiente Belonged to Division 1 in 2014.

“After boarding school, FESA offered me to play in the third division, but I didn’t want to. So they arranged for me to play for Juventus Independiente. he did,” he said.

Roberto Dominguez FAS’s second stage is champions at Apertura 2022 After beating Jokoro 2-0 in the final.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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