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In Cortina, the Norwegian is ahead of all the favorites, Ilka Štuhec in 13th place



The fifth super-G of the winter for alpine skiers

After Saturday’s triumph on the Cortina downhill, Ilka Štuhec turned her superb form into the best super-G of the last four years, as she was 13th. The Slovenian champion was less than a second behind the winner Ragnhild Mowinckel.

With by far the highest starting number (37), it did Ilka Štuhec broke into the top fifteen, which was also the goal of her team. Ever since her victory at the Val Gardene super-giant slalom on December 19, 2018, the Maribor woman has not been better than 15th in the second fast discipline of alpine skiing (Val d’Isere, December 20, 2020).

“Today’s super-giant slalom race, I must say, was also very successful for me. Otherwise, the feeling during the ride itself was so little mixed, because it was a very demanding set-up, where you had to catch up, accelerate, generate speed. I am, of course, very I am also satisfied with the result, but in general it was a very good weekend, which I think will be, or is, definitely a great starting point for the rest of the season.” said Štuhec.

The third career victory for the Norwegian

With a gap of 96 hundredths, Ilka Štuhec is also the last, less than a second behind the somewhat surprising winner. She reached the third victory of her career Ragnhild Mowinckel. On Saturday, the Norwegian was fourth in the downhill, and this time she overtook the Italian by almost half a second in a race with very small differences Marta Bassino (+0:47).

The winners of this year’s Super G, Mikaela Shiffrin (+0:62) and Lara Gut-Behrami (+0.50), who won the last match in St. Anton’s first favorite on the track, which was laid out to her liking by the Swiss coach Roland Platzer.

Thirteen skiers in a second

The Austrian came closest to the 30-year-old from Molde Cornelia Hütterwho, with an extremely fast lower part, made it to second place with a gap of 30 hundredths.

To illustrate the game of hundredths in the fight for the podium and the top ten: there is only 47 hundredths of a difference between 3rd Marta Bassina and 13th Ilko Štuhec. With the successful conclusion of a fast weekend in Cortina d’Ampezzo, where she was second in Friday’s downhill and won Saturday’s, the Slovenian champion is now heading to the final preparations before the world championship.

When Ilka Štuhec was in career shape in the 2016/17 season, she won her first super-G in Cortina on January 29, 2017.  She then celebrated in this discipline twice more: in Crans Montana 2017 and Val Gardena 2018, which was her last World Cup victory until Saturday's downhill in Cortina.  Photo: AP

WC 2023 in alpine skiing between February 5 and 19 is hosted by Courchevel and Méribel. The women’s super giant slalom will take place on Wednesday, February 8, at 11:30 a.m. The climax will follow – the downhill for alpine skiers on Saturday, February 11, at 12:00 p.m.

Goggia missed the match after falling

Olympia delle Tofane hosted the fifth super-G of the winter (out of nine). Finally in St. Antonu was celebrated by Federica Brignone and Lara Gut-Behrami. In St. Moritz was fastest by Mikaela Shiffrin as she won the opening race in Lake Louis Corinne Suterwho is not at the start due to a slight concussion after falling on Friday’s downhill.

After Saturday’s fall, she also missed Sunday’s game Sofia Goggiawho complained of pain in her left knee.

CORTINA, super giant slalom

Final order:

 1. R. MOWINCKEL        NOR    1:23,22 
 2. C. HÜTTER           AVT      +0,30 
 3. M. BASSINO          ITA       0,47 
 4. L. GUT BEHRAMI      ŠVI       0,50 
 5. R. MIRADOLI         FRA       0,53 
 6. E. CURTONI          ITA       0,56 
 7. M. SHIFFRIN         ZDA       0,62 
 8. M. PUCHNER          AVT       0,64 
 9. K. WEIDLE           NEM       0,82 
10. M. GISIN            ŠVI       0,83 
11. F. BRIGNONE         ITA       0,84 
12. J. HÄHLEN           ŠVI       0,93 
13. I. ŠTUHEC           SLO       0,96 
14. W. HOLDENER         ŠVI       1,06 
    R. SIEBENHOFER      AVT       1,06 


Super giant slalom (5/9):

 1. R. MOWINCKEL       NOR         272
 2. L. GUT BEHRAMI     ŠVI         242
 3. F. BRIGNONE        ITA         233
 4. E. CURTONI         ITA         230
 5. C. HÜTTER          AVT         189
 6. M. BASSINO         ITA         168
 7. R. MIRADOLI        FRA         161
 8. C. SUTER           ŠVI         158
 9. M. PUCHNER         AVT         157
10. M. GISIN           ŠVI         110
26. I. ŠTUHEC          SLO          36

Grand total (24/39):

  1. M. SHIFFRIN       ZDA   1.317 točk
  2. P. VLHOVA         SLK     796     
  3. L. GUT-BEHRAMI    ŠVI     781     
  4. M. BASSINO        ITA     612     
  5. F. BRIGNONE       ITA     596     
  6. W. HOLDENER       ŠVI     587     
  7. R. MOWINCKEL      NOR     571     
  8. S. GOGGIA         ITA     570     
  9. E. CURTONI        ITA     508     
 10. I. ŠTUHEC         SLO     408     
 18. A. BUCIK          SLO     309     
 68. N. DVORNIK        SLO      50     
115. T. ROBNIK         SLO       2     

Source: Rtvslo

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