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Chess player Javiera Gomez seeks inspiration: reaches national final for first time in 40 years



National chess player Javiera Gómez made history by becoming the first woman to qualify for the National Chess Grand Final on January 18 at the age of 20.

just a few days ago Javiera Gomez’ story revealed The 20-year-old young man from Valdivia has distinguished himself on the local scene by competing in great competitions. National Chess Final will be held in Santiago from February 10-19.

young southerner scored Local scene milestone and that she is the first female representative to participate in this case in the 40-year competition.

After accomplishing this feat, Javiera BioBio Chile he reveals his feelings and happiness, categorizing National Chess Final .

Commenting on this, Javiera said: “I am very happy to have reached the final. It was a goal I set a few years back and was trying to achieve. I tried it several times, but it didn’t work until this year. ”

“I finished third in the semi-finals. south los angeles And the first three classified National final. Now I’m looking forward to what the final will be like, ”he indicated.

But the story he writes in the world chess It’s not these days. 15 years compete at a high level, The best female representatives in the field.

In his words, Gomez revealed: “My interest in this sport started when I first saw it. I was 6 years old when I attended a chess workshop at school and fell in love with the sport. It didn’t happen by chance that it was so small, but I felt like this was a good fit for me.”

“From the beginning I The work caught our attention, especially the horse (This is my favorite piece). Learning chess isn’t hard, but understanding it is, and I think I’m still trying to figure it out today. It’s a sport with a lot of options for matches.” is shown.

his first championship

Another thing that stands out about Javiera Gomez’s life is that Ability to win titles and compete internationally From a very young age, I was already in championships, so South Americans and foreigners.

This is due to Javiera saying, “I Pan American Championships in Mexico In the 12-year-old category, it was the event that marked the front and back of my career. From there I realized that it was good and useful for this sport ”.

“I was the best America in my category world Age is already in the top 20, and he said he wants to continue like this, I like it, I do it well and from that age my interest in chess started in the most professional field “he added.

On the one hand, he said that this milestone Awards That pushed her to more competition 15 years And at different latitudes of the earth, Costa Rica, El Salvador, 3 Olympics, World Cup a multiple Top 20 finisher, and now in his early 20s, is a national champion.

your career sponsor

Another topic that Javiera touched on in the interview was sponsor and donate In her career years, she noted that at the beginning of her career the help of her parents was essential to enable her to do so. It stands out in the field of chess.

That’s why he commented: “Initially, at my first national and international competition, the contributions were almost 100% from my family. That was when I started getting more help when I started winning titles overseas. My chess club helped me by applying for projects and regional or municipal funds To support my career, but those are the supports I have to ask for myself. ”

“At some point in my career, I had a company that supported me. A few months in my career, but now i work i compete In this way I am able to Settle tournament expenses he said.

National Chess Final in the Spotlight

the classification is already in his hands, Gomez sees his new target as a way to help break through hegemony occur in the discipline men stand out mixed modality competition, so historically It is characterized by the inclusion of few female competitors in the big decisive moments in which it competes.

Given this, Javiera put it this way: women’s national already part of absolute in theory, mixture but the problem is that No women entered the competition. It is of a very high level, e.g. top 100 rank In Chile, only one woman was installed, it’s me” .

“It’s a little complicated. organize women are Last but the drama is that it didn’t happen because everyone didn’t have a good participation qualifying for the final. I tried to confront the man directly, To make a way for this to change.” was sentenced.

But from the beginning this no one series She’s been against her since childhood, but she makes it clear Pursue your dreams tenaciously the purpose depicted in the case they manage to meet and, Last One small step for more women Notice the example that Javiera wants to demonstrate.

It is emphasized by explaining that “I want to be a motivation and inspiration for other women. i have to be there first Stay tall and hard. I let them see what I was able to qualify for and what I am trying to do well so they can choose to do the same. Notwithstanding the criticism.

“teeth Responsibility for women’s chess here in Chile. I think that sports in general are spreading little by little, but before I knew it, I would like to see more women. maybe later have Academy for them and carry out activities.he took a course today Kojaike It’s great to be able to contribute to next generation “He shared.

Finally, Javiera declared: “I want to thank my family. They have been my number one support from the beginning until today and without them I wouldn’t be here. Sometimes it’s hard to dream and have goals I can see what I really want to do far away, But I think none is this far Impossible if you are working and it is constant.

“finally The result is closely related to that I don’t actually know it has Great chess talent , But if you try and study hard to do well.i agree Perseverance, Dedication, Motivation they go very far all walks of life ‘ concludes Javiera Gomez.

Source: Biobiochile

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