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This is why Alex Larin did not continue the Guatemalan Correspondence.



Alex Larin has been introduced as Alianza FC’s new signing for the Clausura 2023 tournament after playing for the Comunicaciones de Guatemala. Doubts about coach William Coit’s continuity and the issue of salary cuts were the main reasons for not continuing the Chapin team.

“When a large team fails to meet its goals, something happens. Willie Coit took me through phases one and two of communication. It was questionable, but in my case it was really about presidential issues, wage cuts, Willie didn’t know if he would continue,” said the Salvadoran winger.

“If Willie[Coit]knew I was going to keep competing, he could have fought to keep me going because someone with a lot of confidence is going to be my first step. Communicate, I said nothing will happen, I came back with a purpose, I’ve done it, I’m I would have liked to have continued because I had adapted well to everything, but this is football and in a matter of seconds everything can turn around.It started from there that they hired a Chilean coach,” he added.

Larin assured that Communications would keep the door open for a return to Guatemalan football.

“I was lucky to be champion of Guatemala in sporting revenge because I had a very bad time at the club in 2018. But I came back with a purpose. Things happened to me. As important as the Concacaf League, the Comunicaciones are one of the most important clubs in Central America. i am grateful to them. The door is always open. When we reached the end of the contract, they told me: It means I can come back,” said the Cuscatreco winger.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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