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The final race of the slalom in Schladming is coming soon



New Slovenian zero

A night slalom is scheduled in Schladming. After the first race, the four-time winner on the Planai track Henrik Kristoffersen, who also opened the race, is leading. The final will be at 20:45.

On the first track with number two, the closest to the Norwegian was local hope Manuel Feller, who was behind by 21 hundredths. The third is Swiss Loic Meillard (+0.30). Lucas Braathen, the leader in the slalom standings, took fourth place (+0.57).

Hadal’s month and a half without confidence in the material

Stefan Hadalin the performance was not successful. He made a big mistake, falling almost five seconds behind and missing the final. Tijan Marovt he resigned. The Slovenians remained without points in Schladming for the second year in a row.

Hadalin told Val 202 that he has had no confidence in the material and preparation of his skis for a month and a half. “I won’t go into details, it’s a matter of professional judgement, but the fact is that I don’t have confidence and it affects my performances.” said Hadalin, who finished among the points winners only twice in seven slaloms this season. On the 14th he was in Adelboden and on the 27th in Wengen.

A night giant slalom on Wednesday for good measure

On Wednesday in Schladming, the night giant slalom will exceptionally follow, instead of the canceled race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. For Žan Kranjec, who is third in the Giant Slalom World Cup, this will be a warm-up before the World Championships in Meribel.

Performance Marc Odermattwho is well on his way to winning the big crystal globe again, is still unsure after injuring his left knee on the downhill in Kitzbühel on Friday.



Prva vožnja:                         
 1. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR      54,19
 2. M. FELLER          AVT      +0,21
 3. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI       0,30
 4. L. BRAATHEN        NOR       0,57
 5. R. ZENHÄUSERN      ŠVI       0,66
 6. D. RYDING          VB        0,74
 7. C. NOEL            FRA       0,77
 8. D. YULE            ŠVI       1,18
 9. J. STROLZ          AVT       1,31
10. T. HAUGAN          NOR       1,44
11. T. SALA            ITA       1,48
12. M. SCHWARZ         AVT       1,50
Brez finala:                         
39. Š. HADALIN         SLO       4,62
Odstop: Strasser, Popov, Marovt      

Source: Rtvslo

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