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Noel with an outstanding final to victory in Schladming



New Slovenian zero

Frenchman Clement Noel celebrated in the night slalom in Schladming after finishing seventh after the first run. The leader before the final, Henrik Kristoffersen, finished only in eleventh place. Slovenians entered a new zero.

Clement celebrated with a lead of seven hundredths ahead Ramon Zenhäuserrn and 38 before Lucas Braathn, which thus increased the lead in the slalom total. For the 25-year-old Frenchman, this is the anniversary’s tenth victory in the World Cup and the first after celebrating at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

In the final, the order was completely mixed up, so that there was no one from the leading three after the first run in the first three places. Kristoffersen was closest to Kristoffersen on the first track with number two Manuel Feller, which was behind by 21 cents. The third was the Swiss Loic Meillard (+0.30). Braathen took fourth place (0.57), Clement seventh (0.77).

27,500 viewers followed the real drama

The Frenchman swung to the top with the eighth time of the final. After his performance, on the Planai ice track, which was filled with 27,500 spectators (tickets were sold out), the mistakes of the competitors continued. Zenhäusern came closest to him, followed by Braathen, Meillard after a bad lower part, and Feller, who after his retirement in Kitzbühl, was left without a podium again.

Kristoffersen, who was chasing his fifth victory in Schladming, still had a lead of 72 hundredths of a second in the first intermediate time, but then he made a big mistake and the dream of the record on the Planai course was stuck in the snow. The problems only intensified until the finish line. He was 1.33 seconds behind.

Hadal’s month and a half without confidence in the material

Stefan Hadalin the performance was not successful. He made a big mistake, falling almost five seconds behind and missing the final. Tijan Marovt he resigned. The Slovenians remained without points in Schladming for the second year in a row.

Hadalin told Val 202 that he has had no confidence in the material and preparation of his skis for a month and a half. “I won’t go into details, it’s a matter of professional judgement, but the fact is that I don’t have confidence and it affects my performances.” said Hadalin, who finished among the points winners only twice in seven slaloms this season. On the 14th he was in Adelboden and on the 27th in Wengen.

A night giant slalom on Wednesday for good measure

On Wednesday in Schladming, the night giant slalom will exceptionally follow, instead of the canceled race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. For Žan Kranjec, who is third in the Giant Slalom World Cup, this will be a warm-up before the World Championships in Meribel.

Performance Marc Odermattwho is well on his way to winning the big crystal globe again, is still unsure after injuring his left knee on the downhill in Kitzbühel on Friday.

Before heading to the world championships in Courchevel, France from February 6 to 19, the alpine skiers will compete in two more super giant slaloms this weekend in Cortina d’Ampezzo and a slalom on February 4 in Chamonix.



Končni vrstni red:                   
 1. C. NOEL            FRA    1:48,97
 2. R. ZENHÄUSERN      ŠVI      +0,07
 3. L. BRAATHEN        NOR       0,38
 4. M. FELLER          AVT       0,45
 5. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI       0,60
 6. A. MCGRATH         NOR       0,95
 7. K. JAKOBSEN        ŠVE       1,09
 8. A. STEEN OLSEN     NOR       1,16
 9. F. GSTREIN         AVT       1,19
10. T. HAUGAN          NOR       1,23
11. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR       1,33
12. D. RYDING          VB        1,80
Prva vožnja:                         
 1. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR      54,19
 2. M. FELLER          AVT      +0,21
 3. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI       0,30
 4. L. BRAATHEN        NOR       0,57
 5. R. ZENHÄUSERN      ŠVI       0,66
 6. D. RYDING          VB        0,74
 7. C. NOEL            FRA       0,77
 8. D. YULE            ŠVI       1,18
 9. J. STROLZ          AVT       1,31
10. T. HAUGAN          NOR       1,44
11. T. SALA            ITA       1,48
12. M. SCHWARZ         AVT       1,50
Brez finala:                         
39. Š. HADALIN         SLO       4,62
Odstop: Strasser, Popov, Marovt      
Slalom (7/10):                        
 1. L. BRAATHEN        NOR         430
 2. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR         389
 3. D. YULE            ŠVI         334
 4. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI         307
 5. M. FELLER          AVT         291
 6. L. STRASSER        NEM         240
 7. C. NOEL            FRA         232
 8. R. ZENHÄUSERN      ŠVI         227
 9. D. RYDING          VB          166
10. A. L. McGRATH      NOR         165
38. Š. HADALIN         SLO          22
Skupni seštevek (24/40):               
 1. M. ODERMATT        ŠVI   1.186 točk
 2. A. A. KILDE        NOR     961     
 3. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR     734     
 4. V. KRIECHMAYR      AVT     677     
 5. L. BRAATHEN        NOR     645     
 6. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI     592     
 7. M. FELLER          AVT     456     
 8. A. PINTURAULT      FRA     437     
 9. M. SCHWARZ         AVT     383     
10. D. YULE            ŠVI     334     
14. Ž. KRANJEC         SLO     290     
65. M. HROBAT          SLO      67     
67. M. ČATER           SLO      65     
77. Š. HADALIN         SLO      51     

Source: Rtvslo

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