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Kronplatz – 2nd race: Neja Dvornik already gained 14 places!



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The caravan of alpine skiers remains in Kronplatz, where another giant slalom is scheduled today. Even this time, Mikaela Shiffrin is in the lead after half of the match, Neja Dvornik of the three Slovenians qualified for the final and will gain a lot of places in the final.

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Neja Dvornik achieved the 27th time on the first track, which gave her a favorable starting point on the second track. So far she has gained 14 cities.

American woman Mikaela Shiffrin on Tuesday, she was looking forward to her 83rd victory in the World Cup, with which she is now the record holder in this numbered statistic. Until the equalization of the absolute record Ingemar Stenmark only three more victories separate her.

The winner of four big crystal globes shone especially in the lower part of the track, where she was ahead Sarah Hector accumulated a significant advantage, the Swede is behind by 51 hundredths of an advantage.

Among the 57 competitors, there were also three Slovenians, Tina Robnik was the 34th, Ana Bucik but she did not finish her first performance.

The second run will start at 1:30 p.m.

Kronplatz, giant slalom

Another ride

 1. P. VLHOVA           SLK     2:04,65
 2. L. GUT-BEHRAMI      ŠVI     2:04,66
 3. T. WORLEY           FRA     2:04,93
 4. P. MOLTZAN          ZDA     2:05,25
 5. A. ROBINSON         NZL     2:05,41
 6. N. O'BRIEN          ZDA     2:05,48
 7. J. SCHEIB           AVT     2:05,59
 8. N. DVORNIK          SLO     2:05,70
 9. H. LOEVBLOM         ŠVE     2:05,95
10. V. GRENIER          KAN     2:06,03
Vrstni red po 1. vožnji:               
 5. F. BRIGNONE         ITA        0,90
 4. R. MOWINCKEL        NOR        0,72
 3. M. BASSINO          ITA        0,65
 2. S. HECTOR           ŠVE       +0,51
 1. M. SHIFFRIN         ZDA     1:00,56
34. T. ROBNIK           SLO        2,88
Ana Bucik je odstopila na prvi progi.  

After the first ride

 1. M. SHIFFRIN         ZDA     1:00,56
 2. S. HECTOR           ŠVE       +0,51
 3. M. BASSINO          ITA        0,65
 4. R. MOWINCKEL        NOR        0,72
 5. F. BRIGNONE         ITA        0,90
 6. T. WORLEY           FRA        1,05
 7. P. VLHOVA           SLK        1,22
 8. M. T. TVIBERG       NOR        1,37
 9. P. MOLTZAN          ZDA        1,51
10. A. ROBINSON         NZL        1,54
11. J. SCHEIB           AVT        1,64
12. S. WILD             ŠVI        1,77
13. L. GUT-BEHRAMI      ŠVI        1,80
14. N. O'BRIEN          ZDA        1,98
15. H. LOEVBLOM         ŠVE        2,07
27. N. DVORNIK          SLO        2,54
34. T. ROBNIK           SLO        2,88
Odstop: Bucik, Gasienica Daniel        

World Cup

Total (25/39)

  1. M. SHIFFRIN        ZDA       1.417
  2. L. GUT-BEHRAMI     ŠVI         861
  3. P. VLHOVA          SLK         846
  4. F. BRIGNONE        ITA         656
  5. M. BASSINO         ITA         638
  6. R. MOWINCKEL       NOR         595
  7. W. HOLDENER        ŠVI         587
  8. S. GOGGIA          ITA         570
  9. E. CURTONI         ITA         508
 10. I. ŠTUHEC          SLO         408
 17. A. BUCIK           SLO         327
 68. N. DVORNIK         SLO          50
116. T. ROBNIK          SLO           2

Giant slalom (7/10)

 1. M. SHIFFRIN         ZDA         500
 2. M. BASSINO          ITA         451
 3. L. GUT-BEHRAMI      ŠVI         437
 4. P. VLHOVA           SLK         386
 5. F. BRIGNONE         ITA         364
 6. S. HECTOR           ŠVE         273
 7. V. GRENIER          KAN         236
 8. T. WORLEY           FRA         219
 9. R. MOWINCKEL        NOR         184
10. P. MOLTZAN          ZDA         141
12. A. BUCIK            SLO         132
47. T. ROBNIK           SLO           2

Source: Rtvslo

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