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Mikaela Shiffrin’s new victory, Neja Dvornik gained as many as 15 places



The last giant slalom before the World Championships

American skier Mikaela Shiffrin also won her second giant slalom in Kronplatz and raised her number of victories in the World Cup to 84, she is only two victories away from Ingemar Stenmark’s record.

Shiffrin led by more than half a second after the first run Sarah Hector. On the second track, she did not tactic, but drove at full speed and in the end had as much as 82 hundredths ahead of Ragnhild Mowinckel. The Norwegian won two places in the final. Hector (+1.19) also captured the stage for the winners.

The success of Neja Dvornik’s careerShe was the Slovenian heroine of the day Neja Dvornik, who finished the race in 12th place, a career high. At the start of this winter, she finished 15th in the slalom in Levi. She finished the first giant slalom in 27th place, and then she skied exceptionally well in the final, as she achieved the second time (only Lara Gut Behrami was faster), which lifted her much higher in the final ranking.

Tina Robnik was the 34th, Ana Bucik but she did not finish her first performance. It was the last giant slalom before the World Championships.

Kronplatz, giant slalom

Final order

 1. M. SHIFFRIN         ZDA     2:03,28
 2. R. MOWINCKEL        NOR       +0,82
 3. S. HECTOR           ŠVE        1,19
 4. P. VLHOVA           SLK        1,37
 5. L. GUT-BEHRAMI      ŠVI        1,38
 6. T. WORLEY           FRA        1,65
 7. P. MOLTZAN          ZDA        1,97
 8. F. BRIGNONE         ITA        2,03
 9. A. ROBINSON         NZL        2,13
10. N. O'BRIEN          ZDA        2,20
11. J. SCHEIB           AVT        2,31
12. N. DVORNIK          SLO        2,42
13. H. LOEVBLOM         ŠVE        2,67
14. V. GRENIER          KAN        2,75
15. T. L. STJERNESUND   NOR        2,91
34. T. ROBNIK           SLO            
Ana Bucik je odstopila na prvi progi.  

After the first ride

 1. M. SHIFFRIN         ZDA     1:00,56
 2. S. HECTOR           ŠVE       +0,51
 3. M. BASSINO          ITA        0,65
 4. R. MOWINCKEL        NOR        0,72
 5. F. BRIGNONE         ITA        0,90
 6. T. WORLEY           FRA        1,05
 7. P. VLHOVA           SLK        1,22
 8. M. T. TVIBERG       NOR        1,37
 9. P. MOLTZAN          ZDA        1,51
10. A. ROBINSON         NZL        1,54
11. J. SCHEIB           AVT        1,64
12. S. WILD             ŠVI        1,77
13. L. GUT-BEHRAMI      ŠVI        1,80
14. N. O'BRIEN          ZDA        1,98
15. H. LOEVBLOM         ŠVE        2,07
27. N. DVORNIK          SLO        2,54
34. T. ROBNIK           SLO        2,88
Odstop: Bucik, Gasienica Daniel        

World Cup

Total (26/39)

  1. M. SHIFFRIN        ZDA       1.517
  2. L. GUT-BEHRAMI     ŠVI         906
  3. P. VLHOVA          SLK         896
  4. F. BRIGNONE        ITA         688
  5. R. MOWINCKEL       NOR         675
  6. M. BASSINO         ITA         638
  7. W. HOLDENER        ŠVI         587
  8. S. GOGGIA          ITA         570
  9. E. CURTONI         ITA         508
 10. S. HECTOR          ŠVE         464
 11. I. ŠTUHEC          SLO         408
 18. A. BUCIK           SLO         327
 60. N. DVORNIK         SLO          72
117. T. ROBNIK          SLO           2

Giant slalom (8/10)

 1. M. SHIFFRIN         ZDA         600
 2. L. GUT-BEHRAMI      ŠVI         482
 3. M. BASSINO          ITA         451
 4. P. VLHOVA           SLK         436
 5. F. BRIGNONE         ITA         396
 6. S. HECTOR           ŠVE         333
 7. R. MOWINCKEL        NOR         264
 8. T. WORLEY           FRA         259
 9. V. GRENIER          KAN         254
10. P. MOLTZAN          ZDA         177
13. A. BUCIK            SLO         132
37. N. DVORNIK          SLO          22
49. T. ROBNIK           SLO           2

Source: Rtvslo

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