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Unusual: A baseball player dances in front of a crowd, his family fights and quits the club



Venezuelan baseball experienced a strange and scandalous day after Ronald Acuna JR danced and taunted the public.

lived an extraordinary day Venezuela Baseball League after a scandal that starred a player in Gaulia Shark, Ronald Acuna Jr. mourning with his family Lion of Caracas.

when did it all happen Ronald tremendous home run put his team on the scoreboard compared to other teams capital of venezuela not very useful, so at the end of the meeting caracas they won.

But after brilliant Hits Achieved by Acuna perform a dance Provocation to Rival Fans unleash anger fan strongly insulted baseball player while dancing around the pitch.

after a wave of expletive Athlete, it happened to the family Ronald those in the stadium were not silent, and they started protect ,that moment they clashed with some fans through the fenced stand before seeing Everyone who watched the engagement.

after a quarrel baseball player fans and relatives stadium security had to enter to evict some of Acuna’s associates, who were in the minority. Caracas fans yelled at him: “Get out! Get out!”

But that was not the only controversial day. Ronald know what happened to her family Nothing better than retiring found in the Venezuelan redoubt team and league left the following words in his farewell: “We have officially withdrawn from the Venezuelan league. Good evening, it was fun. I loved playing in front of you. I love”.

father of pro gamer offered to go to the blow with journalists Manuel Rodriguez he sharply criticized his son’s behavior Weird day in baseball from that country.

father’s words Sportsman Manuel Rodriguez, Acuña’s father. Like last time, at a party, if we meet again, I’m going to hit you, so put your gloves on. ”

definitely one A night no Venezuelan Baseball League fan will ever forget because he missed him and him Scandalous Ross win result Lions of Caracas in view of Gauria shark.

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