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Yamil Bukele: “Some federations will receive more financial support than others after the 2023 Games”



El Salvador Badminton Federation athlete Uriel Canjula

El Salvador Badminton Federation athlete Uriel Canjula

Yamil Bukele, president of the National Institute of Sports (INDES), yesterday addressed several issues related to the Central American and Caribbean Games in June.

In a Face to Face interview this morning, the president touched on an interesting topic. Reduced income from INDES to some federations. “Frankly, some even say we don’t have a lot of talent (in a way). We have to accept that, so El Salvador won’t be a powerhouse in 32 sports disciplines.”

“Today I will bet on all federations. From July onwards we will be able to give a clearer picture, and we will be able to mention the modalities that need increased funding, follow-up and support. We plan to pull back on these modalities and leave others as recreational or first competitive stages.

But he, with its parameters applied after the Games, They analyze where they need to invest more“I am confident that we will discover more modalities to support.”

“can not win”

The President of INDES commented on the development of the sports venue, the logistical issues, the sports projection of the national athletes and the evaluation of the details of the Palacio de los Deportes. “The Olympics will be held on time, but we are doing well.”

“Sportingly, El Salvador is not going to win the tournament. We oppose the powers in this region, including the incorporation of Cuba. So people ask: What’s the use of organizing these games? First, remember where sports were. For me, this sport has been abandoned for his 30 years. What we’re interested in is getting a clear picture of where El Salvador’s sport is,” he said.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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